Galaxypainter is a 9 year old female NightWing.

Belongs to Aquarica and Aquarica only. You may not use Galaxypainter unless told otherwise.


Galaxypainter, also known as Gal, is a very lonely dragon. Her ability to paint has marked her as an outsider, since not very many NightWings have the same intrests. She is also very quiet, and observative. Sometimes she just likes to sit down, and watch the other NightWings and what they do. Gal is quite rebelious, too. When her art teacher asks her to draw something his way, Gal often tries to do the exact opposite. She likes to do things her way, and be original. Everything around her is dull, un-creative. Her brain is the color to the picture; the paint on the canvas.



A typical NightWing

Galaxypainter likes to be very creative with her looks, so she paints on herself. Under her right eye, she has a purple circle with several black dots inside of it. Running down her snout, is a streak of black, starting above her eyes, and ending at her nose and two big swirls painted in purple lie on her arms. Gal has a natural band of silver scales around her snout (between her nose and eyes). Galaxypainter often gets teased for her looks, but she doesnt care. She feels that if she wiped it all off it would be no different.


Gal's father, Scrollmaker, is a scribe. He supports his daughter and sometimes writes stories about her.Gal always loved the stories that he would write. Her favorite one is where she was Queen of Phyrria and she made all the tribes happy by making them one. Galaxypainter's mother goes by the name of Starobserver. Starobserver is a very skilled painter. She tought Gal how to paint ever since she was born. Starobserver always tells Gal of her visions, and how Gal will be a better painter than her when she grows up. Gal never believed her, but her mom was telling the truth. Galaxypainter was pulled out of basic school at an early age and put into a painting academy. She has been painting her whole life, and sometimes she gets to paint for Greatness. In recent times, she has developed a crush for the NightWing fighter, Foster.


Galaxypainter is a good writer, but she mainly specializes in painting. In her paintings, she often paints what she feels. If shes sad, she often used cool colors such as blue and purple. She'll use orange when shes annoyed and red when shes mad. Theres only one color she uses when she's happy, and thats pink. Sometimes in her paintings you can see it go from blue to red, then back to blue. Her mood often changes when she paints, so she switched color.

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