Galaxy Star

Galaxy Star is a 7 year-old lavaborn NightWing.


Galaxy Star was born a lavaborn NightWing, a dragon that can turn it scales into "stone" and protect itself by covering it's body in lava and creating a collumn of fire around it. Because of this, she couldn't play with anydragon, they were too scared.

Galaxy's egg was left at the ruins of the NightWing island, her brother was already hatched and left with her mother and father. When she finally came out, her parents had returned to get her. They saw she was lavaborn,  but they still took her too the RainWing kingdom. Her parents dropped her off at school. Her brother, at this time, had mysteriously vanished from the kingdom. Her teacher noted odd behavior in Galaxy and the other kids. When she got mad, she would protect herself with a collumn of fire, which scared the RainWing and NightWing dragonets, because of this, she was distant from society. However, her parents taught her how to control her unusual powers.

At the age of three, she was awarded at her school for best sleep-dart-shooter. Best in her whole class, that is. Galaxy Star's parents were very anxious. Her almost-useless brother was presumed dead. Galaxy promised to find her lost brother, some day.

One day, the SkyWings raided. They only took treasure, prisoner dragons, and fruit that was used for making scales shiny, for Ruby, of course. Once the brought Galaxy Star to Ruby, she adored her. They painfully pulled out her talons, and replaced them with silver blades, making her very strong in battle. Galaxy Star was forced to fight Peril, which turned out into a tie. Neither could beat each other. Ruby was enraged. She tried to kill both, but quickly turned around when they threatened to kill her.


Galaxy Star loves venturing deep into the forest, mountains, ruins, forest's, any place will do fine for her adventures. She is  shy around new dragons, but that's because she never made friends easily. Although she say's she has no friends, Galaxy thinks one day, she may have friends, which means when she believes something, that faith is very strong. She has good habits about not breaking promises. Galaxy Star can overthink many things many times.