Gaara is a male SandWing.
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Gaara's primary scales are a golden color, unlike other SandWings, while his secondary scales are white. His wings are small and shriveled so he prefers to travel by claw. His right eye is a obsidian color while his left eye is some sort of strange pattern. Gaara prefers to keep his left eye hidden from view.He often wears a straw hat,which he acquires from unknown means.


Gaara is quiet and shy, preferring to sleep in the sand or anything like that. He rarely flies and dislikes it due to the fact he always gets flung around in slight wind. When something interests him he immediately tries to learn more as anything that interests him can relieve him of his psychopathic intentions.. He is mostly bored from sitting in sand.


He has no poison in his barb,the best he can do with it is threaten or stab someone with it.. Gaara has the unique ability to manipulate sand, and he always travels with a giant gourd of it everywhere. The sand in the gourd is easier for him to use, using other sand from a desert and such is more difficult.He can create various shapes and forms with it.The sand from his gourd


Gaara regularly travels, preferring to stay from big towns. He has once traveled to the SkyWings and the SeaWings, though both times he has been chased away.

He is 8 [16 in human years].

He is based on Gaara from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden


His right eye

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