Frozendew is a one year old female dragonet.


Frozendew is very shy, being a one year old dragonet. She fears most NightWings, even though they are helping to raise her. Frozendew's egg was left to to be crushed by a NightWing, but Morrowseer, Atomsplitter and Constellation found it, so she is close to Constellation. Frozendew isn't close to Atomsplitter though.


Frozendew's egg was left for dead until the three NightWings found it. These three NightWings were Morrowseer, Atomsplitter, and Constellation. She became attatched to Constellation more than anyone.


She has pure white shimmering scales. Frozendew has very light lily pink eyes. Her talons are very short and slightly ridged. They are also a light gray. She only has four small icicle horns on her neck, not being fully developed.