Frost is a darker blue Ice Wing. He is not very strong but very crafty. He has markings that look like snowflakes in the right light.


Frost the is related to the queen. He is one of her nephews. His father is the queens brother so Frost used to get showered in presents and riches however he also was pressured by his bloodline to be great and once his family found out he had a knack for engineering he was pressured to build weapons for the Ice wing armies this caused him to desert his kingdom so he could build whatever he wanted. He ended up starting his own large business which leads in the technical engineering for all of Pyrrhia. One of his creations was a way to make it so non fire breathing can too breathe fire.


Frost is what some would call an idiotic genius (or just an Idiot) he rushes into situations without care and is a terrible planner. While he comes off as a manipulative bad guy (which he can be) he is kind of just a goofy idiot who wants to get rich.



Frost thinks of himself as a friend of Atom even though he gets on his nerves. Frost will drag Atom into crazy Quests every once in a while and will sneak into the Night Wing kingdom to visit him.


Frost first met Tundra when the hidden kingdom was a refugee camp. They have since grown apart.


Amber is Frost's trusty assistant and while frost may not seem to care too much for her and drags her through all of his adventures he has feelings for her he hasn't admitted yet.

Character inspiration

Frost is loosely based on the Character Varrick(picture below) from Legend of Korra and myself.