Frigid chibi

Frigid chibi

Frigid is Snowblossom of Thunderclan's OC. Taken by CrazyNeoWolfx. 


Frigid is a male IceWing with silvery ice-blue scales and light aqua blue underscales and wings. Like all IceWings, he has freezing-death breath, can withstand subzero temperatures and bright light. He is one of Queen Glacier's most trusted allies, and part of her personal guard. Because of his strenuous training, he is quite strong.


Frigid's egg was found alone and cold out on the ice, within days of hatching. He had a lonely upbringing, preferring to keep to himself rather than meet other IceWings. He soon started training to be a castle guard. Unless he's on a mission, or around royalty, he's usually very friendly, serious, and caring. He hates to see other dragons suffer, and tries to end his enemies in a swift, painless death. He prefers not to fight, though he will, for Queen Glacier expects him to. He is very loyal to his tribe, and he would fight to the death to defend it. He becomes depressed when talking about his parents or family, and hopes that one day he'll find them, but he tries not to think about it much. He is strong and a good fighter.