Friga, aka 'Frostbite'

Friga is a female IceWing who specializes in being a stalker and being annoying.  Please ask FrostbiteOfTheIceWings before using her.

Description (Mental and Physical)

Friga prefers the name 'Frostbite,' but upon finding out that was considered a stereotypical IceWing name, she started going by her birth name once again. 
Friga sancti

Friga taken by darkness.

She has silver scales and wings that are a few shades darker than average, with gray-black claws and sky blue horns with hints of lavender.  She lacks the ability to shoot ice on command, but has managed it by accident countless times.  Friga's best friend is the RainWing Glyph. They have the same classes at their school in Jade Mountain. Friga is a vicious fighter and a high-ranked soldier despite her age. (Her hatching day is coincidentally Brightest Night.)  She lacks much social skill but always loves her friends.  Her fight strategy is pure defense, and she has never set claw outside the Ice Kingdom for the war.  Always creative and true to her beliefs, Friga values friendship, courage, and power over wealth, and supports inter-tribe friendships.


Friga's egg was somehow found in the Royal Hatchery, though DNA tests quickly proved that it belonged to someone else.  She was raised by Queen Glacier and her many daughters, several orphanages, a military leader, and at one point, a mysterious NightWing, until her parents, who were MIA, returned to the Ice Kingdom.  They revealed that they had put the egg in the hatchery, fearing they would not return to take care of it.  Friga's parents then disappeared again without so much as a word more.  She continues to search for them, but has found no answers in the Ice Kingdom and is set to travel all of Pyrrhia to find them.  Meanwhile, a feeling, a fear, has settled in her mind, and Friga can't shake off the feeling that something bad is going to happen.


Friga, being awesome.



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