Freeze belongs in the book Light and Dark, do not use without permission from Coyote the Sandwing Nightwjing.


Freeze is a loyal subject to Queen Snowfall and soon becomes her most favorite subject. Wolf, who doesn't like him, is forced to marry him, but she knows that he will take over the land. After wolf leaves on their wedding day, he gets so mad that he tries to kill Snowfall. After she sees how bad he is, she locks him up for years. Upon his escape, he finds a beautiful Icewing named Flurry. She falls in love with him and he falls in love with her. Many years later they are married, but in the 8th circle. He dies 5 years after their marriage because of Wolf's mate, Potionmaker who was nearly killed because he took Wolf as his mate.


He has pale blue with some white scales on him. He appeared to be colder than most Icewings, almost as cold as having Ice Scales. He also had only 2 spikes at the end of his tail.


He appeared to be very greedy and mean. He wanted to be king so badly. But he appeared to have a passionate side. Whenever he was with his mate: Flurry, and his daughter: Polar, he was very happy and caring. He also shows a concerned side. This happened when he tried to kill Potionmaker, because he stole Wolf from him. But he might've been faking.



He appeared to love Wolf very deeply. But when she left he went crazy, all because of her. But he appeared to love her only because he would be King.


The first time he saw Flurry, he fell in deeply in love, as she did too. Many years later, he got married and had their own daughter. He loved her more that Wolf so much that he forgot about her.


He has loved Polar, even as an egg. He shows are and he took her egg everywhere, so no one could take her. After she hatched, he called her "A perfect little snowflake". He didn't even let her out of his sight as a dragonet. He appeared to love her more than anything.

Queen Snowfall

He appeared to love her like a mother, and she loved him like she was her son. The two spent every day together before Wolf ran away. She appeared to love him more than he loved her.


Freeze didn't know Potionmaker much, but knew he was trouble. After Wolf and Potionmaker got married, he kept working on a plan to kill him. At last he nearly almost killed him, until Wolf used her animus magic to send Freeze away. He got killed by Potionmaker, so if Freeze were still alive, he would kill him or hurt him every chance he got.