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Freeze the IceWing

Freeze, looking good


Freeze is a murderous IceWing. She loves to kill, and will do just about anything for a battle… if she has the advantage. She has been behind the murder of many Dragons and Dragonets alike. She is so hateful, let's just say… you are very lucky if you DON'T run in to her.


Freeze is ice blue, with white wing flaps. Her wings, tail, and neck are darker that the rest of her body, but the tip of her tail is very light. She is a good looking IceWing, but don't make the mistake of going near her.


Freeze has the powers of a normal IceWing.

Relationships and Quotes

Freeze has no relationships.

"I have the advantage, prepare to die."

"Why hello. You wouldn't happen to be my ENEMY, would you?"

"I don't trust you, so… GUARDS, TAKE HER AWAY!"

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This is one of FourFlame's OCs, but… Terra Nova is kind of Freeze's sister.

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