Frazil is an IceWing of eleven who is covered in scars from battle. She joined Glacier's army after a cobra killed her parents in the desert. She sustained a fear of snakes. Her experiences have made her bitter and hateful, but when Grain listened to her story after a cobra encounter, she showed him a more feminine side of herself. She became kinder to him, and even bought him breakfast once. Grain found a dysfunctional dream visitor necklace, telling Frazil that it was pretty on her, and making her take it. She has romantic feelings for Grain.


Frazil is a very bitter dragon. She dealed with her parents' death at first by joining Queen Glacier's army, always being the first dragon to ram her horns into enemy lines. While this earned her many claw and teeth scars, she amazingly has no burns. Many dragons thought this was a sign that she had little fighting skill, and whenever this happened she was always happy to demonstrate. Despite her bitterness, she has shown signs of having romantic feelings for Grain, who was able to make her smile and once even laugh.


Frazil is a typical IceWing with light blue scales. She is covered in scars, including on her armor scales, but has no burns. There is nothing else remarkable about her appearance.


Frazil has the usual set of IceWing abilities. She is also a very good strategist and fighter.