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Foster is a 9 year old NightWing. 'Belongs to Aquarica

Find him @FosterTheNightWing


Foster is always worried. If he left home, and feels like he forgot something, he was worried. However, If you ever meet him, you will never notice his woriness. He does his best to hide it. Foster is also a HUGE troublemaker. He pulled pranks, teased dragons, fought, etc. Speaking of fighting, Foster is also one of the best NightWing fighters you can find. So if he pulls one of his "funny" pranks on you, it's best to just leave him be. Foster is also known to be one of the bext theifs around. Many would go on to say that he stole two hundred scrolls from the Nightwing library!


Foster is like your average NightWing, straight horns, black, purple and occasional silver scales. Foster's nostrils are constantly emiting a gray, puffy smoke because his ability to breathe fire is limited. People call him "Smoke eyes" because when you're fighting him, and he's right infront of you, all you can see are confident blue eyes peering through smoke. His eyes are a mystery. Some people say he was born with those odd blue eyes, others say he went crazy at a younger age. And ironically, some also say they are the key to his fighting techniques, when really, he is partially blind.


A typical NightWing. Art by Joy Ang.


Foster's past is a mystery to both him and other NightWings. His mother gave up her egg as soon as she could. You may think she was cruel for doing this, and she was. She just gave up the egg, no apparent reason. Sadly, in the process, she accidently dropped Foster, which damaged the egg, and himself. When Foster hatched, no one had found him or decided to care for him at all, so from birth he was on his own. As he grew, he mastered theivery and combat. He was involved in many gangs and ALOT of trouble. To add on to that, he could slip out of alomost any situation whether he ran, or talked his way out of it.  He has been in and out of the dungeon and almost every guard knows Foster, and that hes probably up to some new stunt. In recent times, Galaxypainter has developed a crush on him.


Foster cannot breathe fire. The only thing Foster can do that is close to breathing fire is spit globs of flaming saliva. Also, smoke constantly emits from his snout because of the lack of this ability. Foster has to shut his eyelids while flying so that the smoke doesn't get in his eyes.

Foster's eyesight is very limited. It's a suprise that he isn't blind.