This is a fanfiction by Riptide the dashing about Frostbite, an IceWing.

Warning! This book has very little humor in it.


Frostbite was a good dragonet. Then he met Snow, his soon to be girlfriend. He grows up and Snow gets horribly murdered. He puts Snow's body in a secret cave they found and is now foreverfrozen.

First chapter

"Snow, why did you die?" Frostbite said breaking the silence. He was in a hidden cave that he and Snow had found. He went to talk to her whenever he had a problem, but he never got a response from her frozen body."Well the queen probably needs me to go kill some harmless MudWing scouts by the RainWing/MudWing border. Well it helps me get my mind off of you, Snow." Frostbite sighed. He up and kissed her body. Then he flew off.

"Awww, there you are Frostbite. I need you for something. Guards leave us at once." Queen Glacier said. the guards left, and Glacier said, "Frostbite, as you may know Blaze is coming, so I need you to kill all the wanted IceWings in the kingdom in three weeks."

"Ok, your majesty" Frostbite said.