Forest Bounce

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With earthy yet rich colors of brown and green, he seems like a regular dumb MudWing, making it easy for dragons who don't know him to disregard him and lower him before themselves. However, like they always say, never judge a song by its cover.

Looking closer at this "typical MudWing," reveals a dragon with many layers on. Forest Rain consists of very earthy yet rich colors. His overall appearance has a rich hickory color, with an underbelly of light mocha. His horns and the ridges on his back are cinnamon colored with auburn highlights.

His wing membranes, however, are a rich and earthy shade of basil and fern. On the top of his armored scales are patches of the same, rich earthy color. Unlike the rich colors, his claws are a somewhat shiny black. Forest Rain's eyes are a deep ash color. He's normally seen in a jade turtleneck sweater and bell-bottoms, and wears a pair of abalone oval glasses atop his flat snout.


Forest Rain seems like your everyday MudWing: dumb, sweet, and hungry. However, if you know the strange MudWing, you'll find that it's not true to him. Forest Rain is very smart, like most MudWings in this time. He's a very fast learner, and likes learning new things, even when he was a young dragonet.

Forest Rain, like most of his tribe, is very kind. Even though he's smarter than your average MudWing, that doesn't mean he thinks highly of himself around others. He never hesitates to help others, and puts others in front of himself. However, this can cause other dragons to take advantage of his good-natured kindness.

Like any MudWing, he's fiercely loyal to his tribe, family, and sibs. Although he's kind, he will snap at anyone who insults him, his tribe, or family and friends. Forest Rain hates stereotypes of any tribe.

However, like any MudWing, he does carry that healthy appetite that MudWing have.


Like any MudWing, he can breathe fire. Unlike his older sister, he doesn't have the fireborn ability. Even though he does come with natural weapons, he won't use them unless they're necessary. Forest Rain is very strong, too.

Unlike any of his family, he has a vast knowledge of musical talents. He plays guitars (his favorite instrument!) and does sing occasionally. He has several friends that play instruments, to. They formed a small band, and play in their dorms.


Forest Rain was born to Moss and Tortoise, two MudWing lovers different from the others. Moss and Tortoise were very different, caring for their dragonets instead of leaving them alone. Every once in a while, however, they had to go, leaving Forest Rain with his older siblings.

His older brother, Mongoose, wanted to name right there and then, but his older sister, Mosquito, wanted to wait until their parents came home. They were both so busy arguing that they didn't notice that a heavy storm was coming, and they didn't have time to find the quickest shelter before it struck. When it did come, both older siblings were busy looking for shelter and possibly their parents that both forgot to keep an eye on their new baby brother, who wandered off.

Forest Rain, still a nameless dragonet, wandered the marshes, before coming across a large maple tree connecting to a forest. After going inside, he saw a small shelter, with hardly anything in there save a tidied bed and piles of fish. Tired, the little nameless child fell asleep under the bed, being as he was too small to reach the bed. He woke up in the arms of a SeaWing who was talking to his parents. Although still newly hatched, he remembered the moment clearly.

The SeaWing, a young orphan by the name of Carp, brought him back to his family. Afterwards, the two lovers offered him if he wanted to be part of the family, which he accepted gladly. He was given the offer to name the MudWing dragonet that clung on to him. Taken with the small dragonet, he named him Forest Rain, in respect on how he was taken into a family in the first place.

Years later, Forest Rain was put in a school, where he learned a lot, and wanted to learn more. Realizing that he was a very smart dragonet, they put him in a school with a higher education. Forest Rain was picked on by everyone there, sometimes even the teachers. Every time he came home, he'd packed his bags with books and different forms of studies. Every test he took scored high , resulting in respect in his school. At the age of 3, Forest Rain had taken a liking to music, and saved up to buy his first instrument: a guitar. Every night, he'd practice, with his family as an audience. Afterwards, he auditioned to play in the school band. Everyone in the class, unlike the other classes, were respectful and kind to him.

Afterwards, he graduated from the school, but still sought out an even higher education. Forest Rain, now 5 years old, decided to pack his bags and leave his home to go to the university in his home, Whisper Woods. After packing his bags, he left and said goodbye to his family, beginning his new life for a better education.


His family: Unlike most MudWings, he has a strong relationship with his parents and sibs. Moss and Tortoise love him dearly, thinking of him as the most educated of their children. Although his sibs do get jealous of him, they care for him nevertheless.


  • he's allergic to peaches
  • sometimes drinks