Fogbreath is an OC by Bog.


Fogbreath is an IceWing who appears in Scorched Lands Book One: Uniting. He found two dragonets on the streets named Wasteland and Frostclap. He decided he would teach them free-running, but Frostclap refused, claiming that she didn't want to have her wings clipped. He taught Wasteland free-running anyway, and raised the both of them. When Wasteland started to out-do him, he was amazed, because he was only five at the time. At that point, he got a little repetitive and they did the same thing everyday. Fogbreath just didn't know what to teach him anymore. After a while, he realized he knew Wasteland's dad, who had never revealed his name to anyone, and told Wasteland that he came from a long line of natural free-runners. Fogbreath was the first dragon to suggest that Wasteland was the prophecized IceWing. Fogbreath lives in the time of the Scorching.


Fogbreath is a typical IceWing with no particulary unique physical traits.


Fogbreath is a well-practiced free-running instructor, so of course he can parkour like a baws!


Anyway, Fogbreath can free-run, and has ridged claws, and freezing-death breath, and uh, yeah, he's Fogbreath, and he's a boss.



Fogbreath talks like a really boring teacher. Like you know those teachers that just talk really really slowly all the time, and they usually teach social studies? He's like that, but he teaches bossness instead of history. And he likes apple cider, but not apples, because he's weird like that.