Flood is a female SeaWing who is an antagonist in the fanfiction Trail of Stars.


Flood is a mean-looking, slender SeaWing with dirty green colored scales and amber eyes. She has very sharp and shiny claws, though she hardly ever uses them. Most of the time Flood kills by drowning or by using her tail.


Flood is very intelligent and witty, always making sarcastic remarks. She is quite mean to other dragons and thinks highly of outer appearance. She takes pleasure in killing dragons painfully and watching the dragons she hates die.


Much of Floods character comes from her dark past. When she was an egg, her family abandoned her in MudWing land. There an unexpecting MudWing took her in. After she hatched, all the other MudWings would make fun of her (racist MudWings, yes.), even her own siblings and bigwing disliked her. They claimed her as "not part of the family". When she was drafted to be a SeaWing again, she again found herself in a bad position. The SeaWings noticed her strange MudWingish behavior and once again- bullied her. One day Flood was greeted by a SandWing and an IceWing who asked her to come join them. Having hated her old life, Flood accepted greatfully. She plotted with the other dragons and helped create an earthquake machine which would bring doom to Pyrrhia.


Flood is well-skilled with swimming and has a very powerful tail. Her favorite ways to kill dragons are:

  • Drowning- shoving their heads underwater and bringing them back up rapidly to make them choke on water and die.
  • Smashing their skulls with her tail- no explaination needed there.
  • Choking- wrapping her tail around their necks and squeezing.

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