A SkyWing.

 Name: Flint

Gender: Male

Tribe: SkyWings

Age: 8


Mother: Lucretia, a SkyWing

Father: Peak, an IceWing

Brother: Frost Fire, a Hybrid SkyWing-IceWing

A typical IceWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Description: Flint has orange scales with pale copper underscales. His horns are fully grown and he has IceWing wings. He has a powerful and long tail that he can climb with and his claws are slightly blunted but still perfectly sharp                    

Abilities: Having some of his fire absorbed, Flint breathes fire fine but only for short bursts. He can breathe ice breath after absorbing some from Frost Fire. He can also control his fire in a moderate way such as almost making it into a laser or firing it like a machine gun.

History: Flint has been the denied one of the famliy. Jealous of his brother, he ran away to the RainWings. There he met a family of RainWings. They taught him how to control his fire breathing and how to breathe ice. They taught him how to use every advantage and to use everything he has. Once he returned to his famliy he made peace with Frost Fire. Now he travels around, journeying with Frost.

Trivia: I guess hes also a Skicewing o3o