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Flash is a male SandWing who is currently working for the Pyrrhian Police Department. He was formerly the town sheriff from a remote settlement on the western frontiers of the SandWing territory. He has since transferred into the central PPD, and is Clarity's patrol partner.

"Flash? Oh, you can't miss him. SandWing, male, about yay tall, talks with a drawl, wears a stupid hat. Still thinks he's in the Wild West, or something."
- Clary, on Flash


Tall and lean, with tawny yellow scales, Flash has a suntanned, weatherbeaten look about him. His scales are the warm, cracked color of leather that has spent a long time drying the hot desert sun. He owns the regulation blue uniform of the Pyrrhian Police department, but prefers his old khaki uniform back from his Sheriff days. He is almost never seen without his brown wide-brimmed hat - a remnant of his former life back in the West. He is quite stubborn about the hat, too - despite all of Clarity's ribbing he has refused to get rid of it. He speaks with the hint of a drawl.


He takes care to keep himself in top physical condition, and is quite good in close-quarters combat. Flash is also a bit of a gun aficionado, and is in charge of the police department's arsenal. He is very knowledgeable on all things to do with firearms. He likes to say that he can take one look at a wound and identify what kind of bullet made it, as well as the gun it was shot from. As a result, he is highly useful in evidence-gathering. Flash typically wields a twin set of old-fashioned flintlock pistols, which he built from scratch himself.

Flash has a very sound head, especially in times of trouble. Quite unflappable, he will never lose his cool in a stressful situation, which is an asset in his line of work.


Off the job, Flash is very much the laid back and easygoing SandWing. He's the kind of dragon you'd expect to see hanging around a neighborhood bar. Flash has a calm, level-headed demeanor. But he also harbors a wry sense of humor that tends to pop up at strange times, which can lead some dragons to believe that he is not being serious even in deadly situations. However, Flash does take his job very seriously, and despite all, is quite good at police work.

Flash is an old-fashioned Old Western dragon at heart, and sometimes finds the hustle and bustle of city life rather draining. However, he would never considered giving up his job.

Flash, rather interestingly, has a fear of horses. He was trampled under the hooves of a stampeding mustang herd once while he was a dragonet, and ever since he was not been able to look an equine creature eye-to-eye.