Flare and her teacher, Mach

Princess Flare is a female Skywing and one of the main protagonists in the fanfiction Wings of Fire: The Stone of Blood. She was created by Lucky and adopted by Kitty.


Similar to her sister, Flicker, Flare has flame colored scales. The only difference is that hers starts at bright yellow down at her talons, and ends in a rich shade of ruby red, similar to her mother's. she has strikingly bright yellow eyes, almost painful to look at. She also has several neck and wristbands covered and twisted with gold and silver. She had a large scar going down her front shoulders.


To counter Flicker's quiet and calm personality, Flare is loud, brash, and rather unsympathetic. She is brave and strong, and usually takes dares. She loves gold as all SkyWings do, and uses her royalty to get as much as she wants. Her favorite accessory is a choker with a solid diamond in it. She trains under the world renowned racer, Mach, and gets much of her personality from her.