A typical SkyWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Was originally named Flame, this dragon is the leader of a group of four friends. The others are Embra, Metamorph, and Spara. He is eight years old, but already knows the burden responsibilities of an adult.


  • Along with Embra, the two are viewed as leaders by Metamorph and Spara.
  • Very protective of his three other friends.
  • Very good decision making and is the voice of the group.
  • Is willing to do anything to protect his friends.
  • Was somewhat jealous of Aiden when he first met him.


  • His group was first given the task of making Aiden feel welcome in the SkyWing Kingdom, so that he may forget his old friends. Embra eventually told Aiden of this, and the three young dragons managed to kill Oblivon, Ruby's spy whose job was to make sure that Flamik's group did their job, or died if they failed.
  • When Szazo erased part of Ruby's memory, the Queen excused the group for betraying her because of the NightWing's magic.
  • Is now helping Aiden and his group find Fury's home.


Embra- Both of the SkyWing view their responsibilities to take care of the others, and over the course of years, the two have grown very close. Both dragons have a crush on the other (and they know it), but neither one acts on it for fear of breaking their friendship. But the two are willing to fight and die for each other, as was proven when both were nearly killed protecting the others from Oblivon.

Metamorph- Views the young SkyWing as a brother, and takes the burden of all the responsibilities of taking care of him. Metamorph's joking personality sometimes gets on his nerves, but getss him to smile when he is having a rough time.

Spara- This little SkyWing is a sweetheart who finds a reason to giggle no matter the situation. Flamik loves to have her laugh.

Aiden- Was originally jealous of Aiden, and attempted to trick him into becoming friends with the others because of Ruby's threats. After he got to know Aiden better, the SkyWing realized that they had more in common than he first thought. He eventually grew to pity Aiden because he was being so mentally abused by Ruby.

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