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FlameWing Sigil

Description: Red, orange, or yellow scales; fins on spine like SeaWings; eggs have minor color markings; royalty has golden markings.

Abilities: Can breathe fire; light scales on fire; fireproof scales; good climbers.

Location: Southwest of the rainforest; below the Sand Kingdom; a small peninsula.

Queen (Canon Timeline): Queen Volcara

Alliances: SwiftWings, NightWings, RainWings

Notes: FlameWings may only be red, orange, or yellow, and may not have royal markings.

Physical Appearance


Base by Resa

As a whole, FlameWings' scales are normally in the red and orange range, with yellow being a less common, yet still possible, coloration of FlameWing scales. Their underscales are usually lighter colors, ranging from oranges to pale yellows.

FlameWing eyes can be incredibly varied in terms of eye color, consisting of most colors on the entire spectrum. Red, orange, and yellow eyes are the most common color, and blues and greens are unheard of, but not impossible.

Physically, FlameWings best resemble the SkyWings in terms of a typical body build, the average FlameWing having a stockier shape and less muscle mass in the wing area than SkyWings. In addition, FlameWings have webbed spines, similar to SeaWings, rather than the hard, triangular spines that most tribes have. FlameWings also have hooked talons that are sharp enough to pierce most stones and metals, an adaptation stemming from their history living in rocky areas.

FlameWings’ tails are not special, and don’t have any particular features to set them apart from other tribes.

The most notable feature of FlameWing physiology is the fact that FlameWing eggs can have a large variety of markings on them. While this in of itself isn’t particularly interesting, the markings that appear on the eggs will always appear on the dragonet when it is born (i.e. - black speckles on the egg will result in black speckles on the dragonet). It has been noted that FlameWing markings are genetic; and that egg patterns are occasionally “inherited” when FlameWings are born.

Abilities and Powers

FlameWings are most often associated with fire: the element that all FlameWing abilities come from.

The first and most basic ability that FlameWings have is the ability to breathe fire; a skill that is generally considered generic, as the SkyWings, SandWings, NightWings, and MudWings can all breathe fire as well.

The most important ability that FlameWings possess is the ability to light their scales on fire. This is often a FlameWing’s first choice of action when caught in a fight or stand-off. The fire emitted from the scales can remain lit for hours without going out, which is excellent for defending against other dragons without causing them burns.

Naturally, FlameWing scales are fireproof. Without this basic property, FlameWings would burn to a crisp the moment that they use their abilities. This fireproofing not only allows FlameWings to light their scales, but also gives FlameWings defenses against other tribes' fire-breath. Despite their fireproofing, FlameWings are not lava-proof, and therefore will suffer severe damage, if not death, upon making contact with it.

In addition to these fire abilities, FlameWings have grown to be good climbers. Because of their hooked (and sharp) talons, they are able to grip rocks much easier than most other tribes. This is a result of FlameWings having their kingdoms in rocky areas, an aspect that requires them to be able to maneuver through rocky terrain quickly.

Apart from their fire and their sharp talons, FlameWings are mostly defenseless, lacking large quantities of muscle mass and not being notably fast fliers. In addition, FlameWings do not mix well with water, especially when dealing with their fire. Contact with water while aflame can cause irreparable damage to a FlameWing's natural abilities, leaving the dragon with a complete inability to light their scales again.

FlameWings are incredibly weak to coldness. Because of this, you will never see a FlameWing in the IceWing kingdom. When it gets too cold, FlameWings are unable to use their abilities, which puts them in a state of risk that can not only leave them defenseless, but can also cause lasting damage.


Early History (Scorching-Era)

The earliest recorded history of the FlameWings comes from records of the Scorching, and even then are difficult to notice. In early history, FlameWings were among the more secretive tribes in Pyrrhia, with very few records being written to begin with--even within the tribe itself. The only records of the FlameWings' existence was in early drawings and relics, which depicted two red tribes--the first being the SkyWings and the second supposedly being the FlameWings. It is suspected that the tribe originated somewhere to the South of the desert, where the tribe was small and secluded, and it is likely that the tribe slowly migrated to the Western Border of Pyrrhia, where they settled until the War of SandWing Succession.


The first actual records of FlameWings only begin appearing just before the SandWing War. The first records of FlameWings were written under rule of Queen Vulcania, who had ruled for many years prior to the war. When Queen Oasis was killed by a scavenger, Vulcania feared the war that was inevitably going to plague the land. Without any time to spare, Vulcania began scouting lands off of the continent that the FlameWings could inhabit, the best location being the Volcanic Island that would later become the new home for the FlameWings. With a new place to call their own, FlameWings began slowly moving to the island. Before war finally broke out, Vulcania made an extensive effort to wipe knowledge of the FlameWings from the records of any other tribes, secretly making deals with as many queens as possible to keep any information of her tribe as far from civilian ears as possible. Only a matter of weeks before war broke out, the last of the FlameWings had fled the continent, leaving their home, history, and kingdom behind.

Years off the Continent

Following the moving of the tribe, Vulcania's daughter began her training for queen (Unlike the other tribes, FlameWings have passed the throne to the eldest daughter). Once a system had been established on the island, the princess was raised just as any other dragon had been, her identity having been kept a secret. This system continued for several years, the princess growing up with the rest of the tribe.

When the queen reached old age, the princess's identity was finally revealed, and the new queen of the FlameWings, Kassarra, received her official title as ruler. She picked up right where her mother left off, spending the early years of her rule under the guidance of her mother. Vulcania passed away 16 years after moving to the island, when Kassarra was 9 years old.

The peaceful rule of the FlameWings continued for 8 more years after Vulcania's passing, ending abruptly with the eruption of the island. In a sudden and panicked evacuation, the FlameWings were forced to flee back to the only place that they knew of: the continent of Pyrrhia. In the midst of the chaos, Kassarra stayed as long as she could in order to ensure that every FlameWing was able to escape, entrusting her best friend to get the FlameWings back to safety. This dragon was none other than Volcara.

During the evacuation, Kassarra was killed in the eruption. The royal bloodline was gone, and Volcara had become the new queen.

Return to the Continent


Society and Culture



Throughout FlameWing history, the tribe has had several places for kingdoms. However, the documents regarding this territory is limited to just the three most recent kingdoms: the Old FlameWing Kingdom, the FlameWing Isle, and the New FlameWing Kingdom.

Old FlameWing Kingdom

The Old FlameWing Kingdom was built along the Western Coast of Pyrrhia, occupying a thin strip of the coastline along the end of the desert from the tundra to a little bit above the peninsula at the bottom of the continent. In this kingdom, the palace was built towards the center of the thin strip of land, placed in the center of the kingdom to allow for even travel across the kingdom. However, the old palace was destroyed prior to the War of SandWing Succession.

The primary queen ruling at this time was Queen Vulcania.

FlameWing Isle

During the War of SandWing Succession, the FlameWings left the continent in order to remain neutral in the war. However, the FlameWings never truly intended to return to the continent. The FlameWings occupied a pair of islands far off to the West of Pyrrhia. The larger of the two islands was a volcanic island, which is the island that the FlameWings built majority of their villages on. The smaller island, located just a moment’s flight south, was a smaller, tropical island, covered with a jungle and home to several types of fruit. Since there were no resources to build a palace here, a stronghold was built to house the royal family.

Unfortunately, the Volcanic Island was an active volcano, and some time after the war had ended (unbeknownst to the FlameWings at the time), the volcano began to erupt, forcing the FlameWings to flee the isle and return to the continent.

The primary queen ruling at this time was Queen Kasarra.

After the eruption, small groups of FlameWing explorers began to map out the FlameWing Isle, trying to recover anything that may have been lost to the destruction. However, many homes and villages were built from stone, and the solidified volcanic rock has left majority of the island in an unrecoverable state. The southern island has been wrecked as a result of the smoke overhead. In addition, some erupting cinders caused some minor burning of the jungle, but and homes built on the southern island was left mostly untouched, and is for the most part still inhabitable.

New FlameWing Kingdom


The Current FlameWing Territory

The current FlameWing kingdom was acquired when the FlameWings returned to the continent. When the volcano erupted, Queen Kasarra was trapped within the Stronghold, passing the role of queen onto Volcara, who then led the FlameWings back to the continent. Since the FlameWings returned, they occupied the SouthWest peninsula, claiming the land as their own. A new palace is currently still in construction in the center of the peninsula, and serves as a landmark within the FlameWing kingdom.

The primary queen ruling at this time is the current queen: Queen Volcara.

Alliances and Inter-tribal Relationships

Major Alliances

Upon returning to the continent, the FlameWings were greeted by Starbolt of the SwiftWings, who invited the FlameWings to join the alliance consisting of the SwiftWings, RainWings, and NightWings. The FlameWings, without any knowledge of the recent history of the continent, quickly accepted and joined the alliance.

Tribe Relationships

  • IceWings: The IceWings and the FlameWings have almost no diplomatic relationships whatsoever. Being almost polar opposites physically, the two tribes have no reason to associate themselves with each other. In addition, it is difficult to try to create better relations because neither tribe can comfortably travel to the other's territory.
  • MudWings: FlameWings don't have any actual opinion of the MudWings. Because neither tribe actually talks to each other, there are almost no relationship whatsoever between the two tribes, and neither will start one with the other.
  • NightWings: Since NightWings are one of the FlameWings' major alliances, the tribes are close in terms of diplomacy and relationships. Because of this, it is likely that FlameWings can be seen in NightWing territory, or vice versa.
  • RainWings: Another one of the FlameWings' close allies, the RainWings share many diplomatic ties with the FlameWings. Just like with the NightWings, these two tribes can be seen within their allies' territory on a regular basis.
  • SandWings: Since the SandWings are the FlameWings' only neighboring tribe, the SandWings and the FlameWings are rather close tribes, both figuratively and literally. Either tribe can occasionally drift into each others' territories on account of the fact that borders are not marked in any way aside from on maps, and neither tribe cares enough to physically mark borders in the desert.
  • SeaWings: The SeaWings and the FlameWings have a bit of tension in their tribe relationships. Whereas the IceWings don't talk to FlameWings because of territory concerns, the SeaWings don't talk to the FlameWings because the governments (and/or rulers) of the tribes do not like each other. Because of this, the tribes very rarely agree on anything, and will fight with each other just to prove that one side is right.
  • SkyWings: Although the SkyWings and FlameWings are very similar, the tribes do not communicate very often. Despite this, the tribes have rather positive opinions of each other, and are likely to side on the same side when asked for their opinions.

  • AviWings: Since the AviWings have a natural weakness to fire, it is difficult for the FlameWings to have a stable relationship with the tribe. Because of this, the two tribes rarely converse with each other, and AviWings are very rarely seen in FlameWing territory.
  • DeathWings:
  • GeodeWings:
  • LeafWings:
  • SwiftWings: When the FlameWings returned to the continent, the SwiftWings were the first tribe to contact them officially. Because of this, the FlameWings think highly of the SwiftWings, the tribe being one of their closest allies.
  • TrickWings:

Significant Members




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