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Chilly the IceWing

  The best fanfiction that was written by HawkEyeRed2 EVER!!!(but probably won't be the best for too long). Please don't copy or use the story or any of the characters without permission from me or their rightful owners!!  If you would like to add a character in the adventure, please post it in the comment section below. Thanks, and enjoy the fanfiction!


Two dragons were visible through the mist, though a larger dragon, probably an IceWing, was blocking Zephyr the SkyWing’s view. Zephyr, the leader of the operation Life or Death, hissed impatiently with his army of SkyWings and RainWings. He remembered his backup groups - a bunch of SandWings, MudWings, and SeaWings - back at his headquarters. He heard whispering, then saw one of the dragons’


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Chilly the IceWing


eyes were glowing. He gulped, then ordered his army to surround the spot the two dragons and the IceWing was standing. Zephyr told Cherry, a red SkyWing, to swoop overhead, then he took a deep breath and shouted "Charge!"

Waves of SkyWings poured from trees and from behind rocks. Zephyr closed his eyes as Cherry brought the IceWing to him, followed by Snapfreeze, his only IceWing, carrying one of the dragons, a NightWing, and Shatter the RainWing carrying the other dragon, a SeaWing.

"Let me go!" the SeaWing shouted, thrashing her tail against Shatter’s bonds. The IceWing struggled, too, but the NightWing did nothing. "What is your name, SeaWing?" Zephyr hissed. "Lazuline!" she cried, biting at Shatter’s curled tail. "And you, IceWing?" "Frost," he snarled, shooting blasts of ice at Cherry and Snapfreeze. "NightWing?" The NightWing said nothing. "He’s Jet," Frost said, chuckling. "And he’s gonna whip your butt." "Lovely," Zephyr said, slapping Frost’s arm with his long tail, which was topped with an iron point. Frost moaned in pain, the wound on his arm bleeding heavily. "Take the dragons to my palace," Zephyr ordered, sweeping his dust-filled paw across Jet’s snout, making the NightWing cough.

"Cherry, get Jet." Zephyr leapt onto a golden throne and curled up like a king. The SkyWing dashed off, then returned in a few seconds with the NightWing. "Have any prophecies for me, NightWing?" Zephyr sneered, poking at Jet’s mouth. "One," he said shortly. "Recite it or your friends die," Zephyr jeered. Jet took a deep breath, then chanted,


Five dragons shall fly to the highest peak,

through wind and rain to find what they seek.

If daybreak beats them, the mountain will fade,

taking the most important thing with it, the Sliver of Jade.

A NightWing, an IceWing, must turn rivalry around,

or Pyrrhia will not be able to stand its ground.

If the Jade is recovered and returned,

the world with be saved, and Pyrrhia adorned.

The SandWing and the MudWing will help through terrains,

helping each other, as knowledge they will gain.

And when the fifth dragon is discovered and healed,

it will show its deadly ideals.

The world isn’t prepared, the world isn’t ready,

the world isn’t solid, the world isn’t sturdy.

And when the five dragons save Pyrrhia and the rest of the world,

a secret like no other will be unfurled.

Jet spoke the last word, then collapsed. Cherry gasped and helped him up. "NightWing?" Zephyr spat. "IceWing?" "NightWings and IceWings hate each other," Shatter said, patting Jet on the back. Cherry started to haul Jet back to his prison cell, but Jet cried "Wait! There’s more." "More?" Zephyr said with amusement. "Well, that’s entertaining. Tell me more." Jet’s raspy voice moaned,


And when the secret is stored away,

Pyrrhia will welcome a now sunny day.

But dragons everywhere, please be warned,

a new world, a dark world, will be formed.

And the NightWings will leave, and the IceWings will stay,

for prophecies to vanish, they’re for another day.

And when last dragon has been found,

a friend will be lost, lost from Pyrrhia’s ground.

Nightmares and hallucinations will haunt the new four,

and it will release a power that was stored in Pyrrhia’s core.

Soon three more will join the group,

and around a dragon army, they shall snoop.

A dragon of a gemstone shall be discovered,

and the soul that has flown has now began to hover.

A magical water spirit will appear,

and it shall show all’s very worst fear.

And finally, in the sky high,

a danger from above, a dragon shall fly.

But a single dragon of purest blue,

shall pick the next seven, and the members will choose.

A child, or a sibling, to be spared,

and the rest may perish on the grounds of who-knows-where.

The RainWing will be a bird’s name,

the bird will be blue.

The bird will be a dragon’s name,

the dragon will be anew.

A dragon and a scavenger

will work together at last,

They shall work to repair

the horribly broken past.

And a macaw will find its way

to the RainWing’s heart,

Thus opening a bird’s house,

that will tear the world apart.

But the RainWing will choose

who the world will lose,

And the last light will disappear.

But sacred rain,

and horrible pain,

Will shoot the light a new sphere.

Soon a new world will be made,

created by seven dragons, a world far away.

And the seven shall be used and worn,

to unleash the power of the Firestorm.

And when the world has finally been saved,

Pyrrhia will welcome some new dragon species, some species that will be made.

"A new dragon species?" Zephyr laughed. "Pu-leeze." His claws hovered over Jet’s heart. "NO!" Zephyr heard Lazuline scream as he started to bring his claws down. "Cherry!" Zephyr snarled. "Please go SHUT THE SEAWING AND THE ICEWING UP!!!" Cherry hurried away as Zephyr brought forward a struggling RainWing dragonet - Shatter’s daughter. "Zephyr, let Macaw go!" Shatter shouted, as her daughter moaned and squeaked in alarm.

"This dragon," Zephyr said. "This dragon shall choose the four dragons to go on the quest. "Who will the dragons be?" Zephyr asked, shaking Macaw. "This prophecy isn’t due in fourteen years," Macaw snapped. "You forced Jet to say the prophecy - you didn’t ask when it was due."

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My Little Pony Chilly chibi.

Chapter 1: The Dragons Meet

The Frozen Ages were hard times for all dragons, especially NightWings and IceWings. The Iceball was caused when a NightWing and an IceWing got into an argument over a dragon egg. Eventually it turned into a war, then the aftermath was the Frozen Ages. Chilly the IceWing and her sister, Glacier, were especially effected, because they were running from Life or Death, right through a blizzard.

"Have you seen Frost?" Glacier asked her older sister as she trooped through the storm. "Uncle Frost has gone missing, thirteen years ago, and was probably captured," Chilly replied, stroking her sister. "Are you cold?" "A bit," Glacier shuddered, patting Chilly. "Where’s the lair?" "No idea," Chilly said, sinking into a frozen MudWing pool. "Uncle Frost was gonna give us directions."

The two dragons found a patch of snow that hadn’t been disturbed. The snow was oddly not falling in a small circle, big enough for at least three dragons. Bushes surrounded the circle, and a black scale was left on the snow.

"Jet!" Glacier cried, picking up the scale. "Frost? Lazuline?" "They’ve been ambushed!" Chilly shouted, snatching up the scale. "See? This scale has scratches and blood on it. And this spot has not been disturbed in a long time!" Glacier shook her head. "If this spot hasn’t been disturbed, how is it still here?" Glacier protested. "An animus would have to keep coming to enchant that snow charm." Chilly thought about this. "No," she said, frowning. "I’ve heard of animuses that could stop snow for millennia. And Myeline the NightWing is a member of Snowfall, too!"

Chilly, Glacier, Frost, Lazuline, and Jet had started a club as well called Snowfall. It was made up of dragons who objected war, and that wanted to end it. Myeline was a NightWing that had strange purple scales and was an animus. Frost allowed her in, since she was Jet’s sister, but disliked her because she kept playing magical tricks on the club members. Glacier looked around, then spotted dragon tracks.

"What are those?" Glacier asked, pointing. Chilly studied them, then made her decision. "Probably a MudWing," she suggested. "They’re wide and far apart, like Bedrock’s." "Could they be from a wyvern?" Glacier asked. Chilly shrugged. Wyverns were tall, green beasts who loved to eat dragon eggs and hunt dragons. They were strong, and hated long wars. They liked short, bloody kills.

"I doubt it," a voice said from behind them. Chilly gasped and whirled around, and Glacier swung her spiky head at a dark figure. "The name’s Crystal, and I’m a member of Snowfall, with my friend, Storm." The IceWing pointed at a blue SkyWing. She had yellow stripes on her wings and spoke in a cold, shivering voice, "Okay, Crystal, can we go now, I’m FREEZING."

Glacier looked at Chilly, who patted her wings and pulled her closer. "No need to be afraid," Crystal said, grinning. Looking closely, Chilly could see a dolphin necklace on her neck and a choker engraved with a running horse. "Yeah, and we have food and shelter," Storm added. "Sweet!" Glacier cried. Chilly frowned. "There are no living members of Snowfall besides me, Glacier, Frost, Jet, Lazuline, Myeline, and a few more IceWings," she said suspiciously. "Oh, right, but Crystal and I are new members from fifteen years ago," Storm said. And the two dragons whipped around and vanished into the storm. Glacier and Chilly looked around, then nodded in unison. And together, they called "Wait for us!"


Grove the MudWing was a son of Cattail, making him one of Clay the MudWing of the Dragonet Prophecy’s siblings. He was older than all of Clay’s other siblings, being from another batch of eggs. He is a bigwings, too, but doesn’t take care of his egg mates. Instead, he trains them to defend themselves, and him, his sisters Marsh and Earth, and his brothers Landslide, Rocky, Mineral, Mallard, and Mud are big threats, since each of them are tough and heavily armored with iron armor. He was not always with his siblings. He enjoys exploring around MudWing territory and his siblings are usually afraid of bigger or meaner dragons out there. Grove was trying to encourage Grove to come along, for the thirty-fourth time.


"Grove, I’ll protect you!" Grove moaned, clasping his sister’s hand. "No one will hurt us." "No!" Earth cried, stepping back from Grove. "I’m scared." Grove sighed and pulled Earth toward the woods, where he usually adventured. Earth screamed and bit Grove, then ran back to the MudWing homes. Grove groaned and walked on. Suddenly, a dark figure landed on top of her. He struggled silently, but a voice in his ear whispered "Stop."

"Who’s there?" Grove asked. "Storm, at your service," a voice said. Turning, Grove twisted his head until he was facing a blue SkyWing. "I’m Storm," the SkyWing repeated, grinning. Grove tried to smile. Storm started to drag Grove away. "Stop! Let me go!" Grove cried, flailing wildly. "Hey, take a chill pill," Storm chuckled. "Nothing’s wrong? You must get to safety." "From who?" Grove asked. "No one much," Storm admitted. "Only a dark, dangerous murderer."

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My Little Pony Shatter chibi.




Wyverns were green beasts - and a favorite snack of the RainWings. They were Diamond the RainWing’s favorite food, in fact. Diamond loved to hunt wyverns and catch them, and with his deadly venom, it was easy to kill them. Diamond had a sister named Ruby, since she was usually red, and a brother named Jade, since he was usually green. They were called the Gemstone Trio, but Jade objected because jade was technically a ‘semi-precious stone’, but the only dragons who cared were Diamond and Ruby. Diamond always believed he would be part of something very important and he wanted to achieve his dream. He had heard of Jet’s Prophecy, and one of the lines mentioned a gemstone dragon... could it be him?

Diamond loved his siblings, too, but was determined to find his purpose. He decided to serve in the army, but wasn’t fighting material. He later found out about Shatter and Macaw, two members of a club called Life or Death. He decided to join.

"Shatter, is Zephyr nice?" Diamond asked Shatter. "Oh, yeah," Shatter confirmed. "He occasionally gives us special cups of wyvern blood!" Macaw added. "Really? Nice," Diamond agreed. "You know my sister, Ruby?" "Nope," Shatter said. "She sounds nice, though." "Can we meet her?" Macaw asked. "Sure, but can I meet Zephyr first?" Diamond asked. Shatter nodded, and the three dragons took off. Suddenly, a dark shadow blotted out the sun. Diamond’s scales turned white, but he was suddenly grabbed on the arms by strong arms.

"Hey!" Shatter protested, struggling. "You know I have venom?" "Whatever," a voice said, shaking Shatter and Macaw, since that dragon had both RainWings in one grip. Another dragon had both its paws on Diamond’s biceps, and that dragon was obviously as strong as the other, maybe even stronger, since Diamond was putting up quite a fight. "Stop!" another voice protested that belonged to the dragon holding Diamond. "We’re trying to help!" Diamond stopped struggling, but asked "Who are you?" "Crystal, at your service," the dragon, now recognizable as an IceWing, said, bowing in midair. A silver necklace jingled merrily as she did so, and a bracelet of the same color was around her wrist. "And I’m Storm, the only blue SkyWing in forever!" the other dragon said, bowing also.

"What are you doing?" Shatter asked, shaking a bit, but not managing to budge Storm’s grip. Storm looked into Shatter’s eyes, and the RainWing gasped. The SkyWing’s eyes were yellow, with red streaks across them. Shatter flinched, and Storm shook her head.

"Useless RainWings," Storm snarled, then looked at Diamond. "Yes, except that one." Crystal held up Diamond, and Storm smiled. "The dragon of the prophecy," Storm said, grinning. "I thought so. Your name’s Diamond?" "Yeah," Diamond said, biting at Crystal. "And get your paws off of me." "We’re saving your life," Storm growled. "Unless you’d rather be dropped." She pinched Diamond’s arm, and the RainWing winced. "From who?" Macaw asked curiously. "Diamond’s safe with Life or Death."

"Diamond’s not safe," Storm corrected. "Life or Death is the culprit. And Zephyr is the murderer."



Myeline was a dark, dangerous NightWing who hated all IceWings - except Frost. Frost was a good friend to Myeline and invited her into Snowfall, not because Jet was her brother, but because Frost saw potential in her. She met many NightWings, including the betrayer Morrowseer and the dragonet of the prophecy from many years ago, Starflight. Queen Shadow, Dusk, Midnight, and Blackout had all met with her. Myeline was also an animus, able to kill with a blink or to melt into the shadows with a breath. Her scales were a shimmery purple, and her eyes were as red as cherries.

"Myeline," her mother had once said. "You will be part of something big." Myeline wondered what that was, and wondered if she would give a prophecy like her brother. She had tried to think of one, but no rhymes came to mind. She had once given a prophecy she called Myeline’s Prophecy, but it was just a poem. She had been disappointed, but strived to give a prophecy. She enjoyed the woods, and was in the woods when a SkyWing and an IceWing approached.

"Stop," the IceWing said. "Oh yeah?" Myeline challenged. "You and what army?" "This army," the SkyWing said, snapping her fingers. A MudWing, two more IceWings, and three RainWings emerged from the shadows. "Well, I’m an animus," Myeline added. This phrase did the trick. The IceWings flinched back in terror, recognizing Myeline and feeling sad about their companion. The MudWing took one step back but did not wince. One of the RainWings’ scales shifted colors, but the other RainWings didn’t move, and Myeline could read their minds and expressions anyway: pure terror.

"Myeline," one of the IceWings whispered. "Glacier?" Myeline asked. "You’ve become a monster?" the other IceWing said in complete sadness. "No, I -" Myeline began, recognizing Chilly. "You’ve forgotten us?" Glacier moaned in despair. "Glacier," Myeline started, but the original IceWing interrupted. "Myeline," she said. "Whether you like it or not, you’re coming to help your brother and rescue him from Life or Death." "Who are you?" Myeline asked. "Crystal," the IceWing said. A silver ring flashed in the sunlight as she clawed the earth, writing Crystal wuz Here. "And I’m Storm," the SkyWing said. "Okay," Myeline said. "Jet’s captured?" "Him, Lazuline the SeaWing, and Uncle Frost!" Glacier cried. "Frost?" Myeline roared. "No one messes with Frost, not when I’m around!" Then the NightWing turned to Crystal and Storm. "I’m in," she said. "How do we save him?"




Cherry the SkyWing is a member of Life or Death. She helps Zephyr at all costs. Little did she know that the sky high flying dragon from Jet’s prophecy was not one of her companions or Zephyr himself. It was HER. Cherry didn’t know or care, though. She just hauled Jet back to his cell after his prophecy.

"Excellent," Zephyr groaned, clawing the walls of Life or Death’s secret tunnel as he walked by. "Hopefully when Jet said that prophecies would vanish he meant he would, too." Cherry yawned and projected a jet of flame at an empty cell. Suddenly the two dragons heard a flapping noise.

"Storm and Crystal here, heard official club is here." Two voices spoke in unison, and Zephyr looked up. A black hole had been cut, burnt, and frozen in the ceiling of the tunnel. Two dragons were soaring in, looking at Zephyr, sizing him up. Cherry hissed, but Storm just laughed. Zephyr stared at her.

"Haven’t seen a blue dragon in a while, huh Zephyr?" Storm chuckled. "Yeah, you’re long overdue for a good death fight." "A wyvern could fight better than you," Zephyr snapped. "Oh, I gotta -" Storm began, but Crystal interrupted. "Um, Storm? Cherry’s here." She pointed to Cherry, who waved awkwardly.

"Right," Storm hissed. She whipped Zephyr with her tail, then walked over to Cherry. "Cherry," Crystal whispered. "You are one of the dragons from Jet’s prophecy." "Don’t you think Macaw would’ve told me?" Cherry challenged. "Cherry, we’re not fighting you," Storm warned. "Please, Cherry," Crystal pleaded. "We don’t want the Frozen Ages to go on any longer than you do." Cherry hesitated, then nodded. "Cherry!" Zephyr gasped. "I’m sorry, Zephyr," Cherry apologized. "The war must end." Zephyr looked murderous as Storm and Crystal left with Cherry, but he walked over to another cell and opened it.

A huge wyvern, probably 50 feet, towered over Zephyr, the other dragons, and the other cells. A huge shadow stretched across the rocky floor, and other dragons ran for their lives as the wyvern breathed a toxic fire breath. "At least," Zephyr hissed, as the wyvern roared. "The prophecy doesn’t mention you."



Cherry the SkyWing is a member of Life or Death. She helps Zephyr at all costs. Little did she know that the sky high flying dragon from Jet’s prophecy was not one of her companions or Zephyr himself. It was HER. Cherry didn’t know or care, though. She just hauled Jet back to his cell after his prophecy.

"Excellent," Zephyr groaned, clawing the walls of Life or Death’s secret tunnel as he walked by. "Hopefully when Jet said that prophecies would vanish he meant he would, too." Cherry yawned and projected a jet of flame at an empty cell. Suddenly the two dragons heard a flapping noise.

"Storm and Crystal here, heard official club is here." Two voices spoke in unison, and Zephyr looked up. A black hole had been cut, burnt, and frozen in the ceiling of the tunnel. Two dragons were soaring in, looking at Zephyr, sizing him up. Cherry hissed, but Storm just laughed. Zephyr stared at her.

"Haven’t seen a blue dragon in a while, huh Zephyr?" Storm chuckled. "Yeah, you’re long overdue for a good death fight." "A wyvern could fight better than you," Zephyr snapped. "Oh, I gotta -" Storm began, but Crystal interrupted. "Um, Storm? Cherry’s here." She pointed to Cherry, who waved awkwardly.

"Right," Storm hissed. She whipped Zephyr with her tail, then walked over to Cherry. "Cherry," Crystal whispered. "You are one of the dragons from Jet’s prophecy." "Don’t you think Macaw would’ve told me?" Cherry challenged. "Cherry, we’re not fighting you," Storm warned. "Please, Cherry," Crystal pleaded. "We don’t want the Frozen Ages to go on any longer than you do." Cherry hesitated, then nodded. "Cherry!" Zephyr gasped. "I’m sorry, Zephyr," Cherry apologized. "The war must end." Zephyr looked murderous as Storm and Crystal left with Cherry, but he walked over to another cell and opened it.

A huge wyvern, probably 50 feet, towered over Zephyr, the other dragons, and the other cells. A huge shadow stretched across the rocky floor, and other dragons ran for their lives as the wyvern breathed a toxic fire breath. "At least," Zephyr hissed, as the wyvern roared. "The prophecy doesn’t mention you."



Anemone the SeaWing was the heir of the SeaWing throne. Her mother, Queen Coral, loved her dearly and pronounced Jet’s Prophecy as ‘rubbish’. A magical water spirit? Bah, foolishness. "Jet probably ate a wyvern before he gave that prophecy!" she laughed at a council meeting, and everyone laughed with her. Anemone had been released from her harness, so Auklet could stay near her mother. Now that Orca’s statue had been destroyed, though, a harness was really unnecessary.

"Pearl, treasure report!" Queen Coral said. Anemone sighed. She had been to about a million council meetings, and treasure, magic, defenses, battle - they weren’t as important to her, since Auklet could be the queen instead. Auklet was fifteen years old, 4 in scavenger years, but Queen Coral still insisted on the harness. Pearl answered, "Perfect defenses, as usual," then smiled at Auklet. Auklet blushed, seeing that Pearl was looking at her harness. Anemone patted her back.

"Shark, defenses." "All’s well, my queen," Shark answered. Suddenly, two figures burst through the council room’s doors. "Well, almost all well," Shark muttered. A SkyWing and an IceWing marched into the room, the SkyWing stepping into a few pools, and the IceWing doing the same, landing into Whirlpool’s, Pearl’s, and Lagoon’s. As soon as the water touched the IceWing, though, it froze around her, allowing her to lift up her paw, but freezing in the owners of the pool.

"Storm and Crystal here," the SkyWing barked. "We need your daughter, Anemone." "My daughter?" Queen Coral raged. "How dare you? She’s special, like Tsunami and Auklet, and you won’t touch them!" "Too bad," Storm hissed. "Hand her over." Queen Coral bit Crystal’s outstretched paw and dragged Anemone closer to her.

"Leave at once!" Queen Coral demanded, but Storm grinned. "You can’t make us," she snarled, seizing Anemone. "Please, Queen Coral," Crystal pleaded, but she ignored her. "Shark," she growled. "Please escort these guests out to their own kingdoms." Then she smirked. "Unless, of course, they are homeless like the Talons of Peace." Shark snarled and grabbed Storm’s wrist, but she kicked Shark’s underbelly and bit him hard on the neck.

"This is prophecy matters," Storm hissed, lunging at Queen Coral. The queen sidestepped and Storm flew up just before Queen Coral’s narwal horn on her tail hit Storm’s eye. Suddenly, a rumbling noise came from outside the council room. Queen Coral froze.

"It’s Life or Death!" Shark warned. "Anemone, come on!" Crystal cried, as all of the council members attacked at once. Anemone looked frightened but followed anyway.

"Anemone!" Queen Coral screamed. Anemone looked back, now on the balcony. "It’s the right thing to do, mother," Anemone answered. Queen Coral looked heartbroken, then ripped the narwhal horn off her tail.

"Take this!" she cried, flinging the horn up to Anemone. "Remember me." Anemone caught it and held it. "Thank you, mother," Anemone said, looking back once more, then leaping off the ledge. Queen Coral shed many tears, then patted Auklet and walked away. Little did she know that the narwhal horn would do more than just cause Anemone to remember her...




Sidewinder the SandWing is not afraid of Life or Death, but she’s afraid of her older sister, Sandy. She got into fights with her quite easily, but usually won, since she had tied sharp rocks on her tail. These extra weapons made a sting poison the victim, and do some extra additional damage. Sidewinder was in the middle of another battle.

"Give me my firegem back!" Sidewinder cried, aiming a fireball at Sandy, who dodged it and lunged at Sidewinder. "I don’t have it!" Sandy protested, raking her claws across Sidewinder’s back. Every SandWing had a gem called a firegem that allowed them to blow fire anytime. Animus dragons were also immune to fire with this gem. Suddenly, two dragons flew up to them.

"An ambush?" Sidewinder asked. The two SandWings looked at each other. "RUN!!!" they screamed at the same time. They raced over to a big rock. Sidewinder tripped on her tail spikes and slipped into a quicksand patch. "Help, Sandy!" Sidewinder cried, clawing at the sand, about five feet from Sandy’s hiding place. Sandy didn’t waste a second.

Using her back legs as to push, Sandy wrapped her paws around Sidewinder’s waist and pulled up as hard as she could. Suddenly, one of the dragons flew over. It was a SkyWing.

"Here, let me help," she said. She took Sidewinder’s paw and gave a quick upward thrust, freeing her. "Thanks," Sidewinder said gratefully, brushing off the quicksand. "Come with us," the other dragon, which was an IceWing, begged. "Who are you?" Sandy asked suspiciously. "I’m Storm," the SkyWing said, pointing to herself. "And this is Crystal." The IceWing nodded and waved. "You wanna come, too?" Crystal asked Sandy. Sandy nodded. "Where are you taking us?" Sidewinder asked. "Well," Storm said. "You’re the SandWing of Jet’s Prophecy."

"Okay," Sidewinder said bravely. "What do I do?"

Chapter 2: Life or Death vs Snowfall

Thirteen dragons sat in Snowfall’s old hideout. The SandWings Sidewinder and Sandy, the SeaWing Anemone, the SkyWings Cherry and Storm, the RainWings Diamond, Shatter, and Macaw, the MudWing Grove, the IceWings Chilly, Glacier, and Crystal, and the NightWing Myeline.

Myeline and Anemone sat together, observing Anemone’s new narwhal horn and talking about being animuses: "It’s so fun to use magic!" Myeline secretly told Anemone about her jewel powers and gave her a large sapphire on a silver chain. Sidewinder and Sandy held paws, Chilly and Glacier created large ice crystals on the floor and walls, Grove cracked rocks with his strength, Diamond, Shatter, and Macaw blended into the stony walls of the cave, and Cherry looked at the other dragons with fake curiosity.

"Ahem," Storm said awkwardly. The last chatter died out, and the dragons came to attention. Crystal smashed the ice crystals Chilly and Glacier had made, except a particularly large one. She cracked the front of the crystal, making it flat. She dug her claws into the floor, making a loud, horrible screeching sound, and Storm looked at her. The SkyWing smiled, then walked over to the flat crystal.

"Any magical powers?" Crystal asked. "Animuses," Anemone and Myeline said in unison. "Double forms," Grove said. "Immune to fire," Sidewinder said. "Invisibility," Cherry said. "Firepower," Chilly said, making Glacier gape at her. "Invisible venom," Diamond said. "Er-" Storm interrupted. "Swamp, what’s double forms?" Grove blushed. "Oh, I have a normal MudWing size form, then a huge rage form." Storm nodded. Myeline stepped forward, but since Anemone was sitting on her tail, she stumbled. "By the way," the NightWing hissed suspiciously. "What’s the point of this Snowfall?"

"We’re here to rescue Frost, Jet, and Lazuline from Life or Death," Storm said. She used her claws to carve Frost, Jet, and Lazuline’s names into the ice. "Why us?" Cherry asked. "Yeah!" Anemone protested. "I don’t even know this Lazuline." "You know Jet’s prophecy?" Crystal asked. "Yeah," Diamond said. "It goes like this: five dragons shall fly-" "We know how it goes," Storm interrupted. "But you are the dragons in the prophecy!" "Me?" Glacier asked. "Sorry, the IceWing is Chilly," Crystal said. "So the dragon’s Diamond?" asked Shatter. "Yep, sorry," Storm said. "And the SandWing is Sidewinder."

"How do you know that we’re the dragons of the prophecy?" Diamond asked, scratching his ruff. "You wanna know the truth?" Storm asked. Diamond nodded eagerly. "Then here it is: we don’t."



Wyverns aren’t the most evil and wise creatures in Pyrrha. They hesitate before killing, and they almost never use their toxic fire breath. Their only surprise attack is when you forget about the toxic and they use it on you. Zephyr’s wyvern’s name is Aura, since she can sense aura changes in the air.

"Cherry, Shatter, gone!" Zephyr roared. Aura roared as well. Snapfreeze snarled and tripped Aura, making the 50-foot green Godzilla topple over. Zephyr flinched as she crashed. Snapfreeze grinned, but Zephyr shot him a glare and his smile faded.

"Why did two of my most trusted and loyal helpers leave me?" Zephyr moaned, clawing the walls. "I’m here," Snapfreeze offered hopefully. "You’re not trusted or loyal!" Zephyr growled, patting Aura. Snapfreeze snarled angrily and poked Aura in the eye. The wyvern roared and stepped on Snapfreeze, leaving a flattened and very angry IceWing behind.

"Cherry will return if she knows what’s good for her," Zephyr hissed, hitting Snapfreeze with his spiked tail. Suddenly, a crash’s echos sounded down the stone hallway, and before either of the dragons could react, a blue SkyWing had Zephyr by the neck.

"H-help," Zephyr choked, grasping Storm’s powerful talons, but a jolt of lightning shot out of Storm’s golden claws and curved into a rope, binding Zephyr’s jaws together and occasionally shocking him. Diamond swooped into the Life or Death cave, growling, followed by Myeline, who pounced on Snapfreeze immediately. Cherry flew into the cave, too, but in her invisible form. Suddenly, a threatening crack came from outside of the cave, and just as suddenly, a huge MudWing landed on the stone floor and lifted Zephyr in one huge paw and Snapfreeze in his other.

"Grove, put Zephyr down," Storm ordered, vicious bolts of lightning circling around her claws, teeth, horns, and the golden spike on her tail. Grove sadly threw Zephyr to the floor but kept Snapfreeze in his other paw. Just as Sidewinder flew into the cave, Zephyr shot a bolt of flame at her, but Sidewinder’s scales turned from a burnt color of red to back to golden scales. Crystal flew into the cave, too, but didn’t seem to be trying to help. Instead, she pulled Storm away and whispered something in her ear.

"We have to go," Storm told the dragons, then soared away, her blue underbelly blending into the color of the night sky. Sidewinder and Sandy looked at each other, puzzled, but flew off, and the rest of the dragons followed. Chilly looked around at the Life or Death cave before hearing a rattling breath behind her and feeling a chill on her neck.

"Chilly?" Crystal asked nervously. Crystal’s dolphin necklace chimed eerily, and Chilly felt Crystal’s talons brush her head. "Are you all right?" "Are you hiding something?" Chilly demanded, whirling around and slapping her paw where Crystal’s tail had been seconds earlier, but she had jumped just in time and landed behind Chilly. Chilly slowly walked around, then settled in front of Crystal. The IceWing was blushing silver, but she said, "I’m a decedent of Queen Glacier."

Chapter 3: Captured

"You-you’re a princess?" Chilly stammered. "Not anymore," Crystal said, shaking her head sadly. "I ran away when I was 3. My mom ignored me, giving me gems and jewelry instead of attention. I couldn’t stand it, so I ran away." Chilly looked at Crystal sadly, feeling serious pity for her miserable life. Suddenly, a golden flash pinned Crystal to the ground.

"What are you doing here?" the SandWing asked. "What are you doing here, Sandbolt?" Crystal demanded, flipping her easily. "Sandbolt?" Chilly said, puzzled. "Sandbolt, a betrayer of Snowfall for Life or Death."

Chilly’s confusion was quickly replaced with anger and fury. How many dragons had betrayed Snowfall just to go over to Zephyr the evil SkyWing’s side? A cold breath and swish of air made Chilly jump, but, turning around, she saw nobody behind her.

Sandbolt laughed a high-pitched laugh, making the scales on Chilly’s back raise up. In seconds, another SandWing, much bigger and more golden and muscular, had picked up Crystal in his two large paws. Chilly wished Swamp in his Rage Form was here, but she focused on the dragon’s weak spots.

"Kill her, Butterwing!" Sandbolt cackled, pouncing at Chilly. "Butterwing?" Chilly snickered, choking back giggles. "Yes, Snowfall’s most powerful warrior," Crystal warned, and Butterwing turned his large, spiky golden head at Chilly. He charged. Chilly jumped away when Butterwing’s horns were inches from her. Butterwing hissed in anger. A SeaWing poked his head out from a door and leapt out to join the fight.

"And that’s Flame," Crystal said. "Seriously?" Chilly asked in disbelief, nearly laughing. Flame growled in fury and Butterwing seized Flame’s tail in one quick motion and swung him around his head a few times before letting him fly toward Chilly, who yelped as Flame grabbed her tail and slammed her to the ground.

Crystal easily dodged Butterwing’s heavy hits, but was stung by his lashing tail and received a nasty welt on her arm. It started to bleed and gush out purple liquid while Crystal cried out in pain. She dodged Butterwing’s next swipe, but she tripped - straight into the arms of Sandbolt, who laughed merrily and grabbed Crystal’s tail in her teeth.

"Crystal!" Chilly screamed, but Flame had her by the tail and she could only try to escape his grasp. She finally managed to produce an icy breath and froze Flame’s arm to the ground, yelling "CRYSTAL!!!" as she did so. Flame tried to bite her, but Chilly swiped his snout with her razor-sharp claws.

"Die, IceWing," Butterwing snarled, but before his scorpion tail could hit her, a blast of fire that looked suspiciously like a phoenix hit the SandWing, blasting him over Sandbolt and Flame and sent him toppling, snout over tail, into a stone wall. Unfortunately, Crystal was locked somewhere behind the walls and her screams of rage could be heard.

The waves of fire swept over everything, and soon Flame, Butterwing, and Sandbolt were curled up on the floor, small flickering flames dancing on their wings and tails and shoulders. Chilly looked around and saw another alarming figure - Glacier! She was crouched on the ground, her eyes tightly closed and her muscles tensed and locked, with her mouth glowing red and gold and open wide. Fire was burning on her head and tail spikes, but they didn’t seem to be harmful to the small IceWing. Chilly gently rapped the side of Glacier’s head, but she didn’t respond.

"Get up, Glacier," Chilly said in panic. "Get up!" But the small IceWing didn’t even stir.




"Glacier was in the Life or Death cave?" Storm said calmly, not looking at all surprised. "She was alone?" "Yeah, and she looks dead!" Chilly cried. Storm nodded. "And Crystal is trapped!" Storm’s red eyes washed over Chilly’s white scales and Glacier’s flaming spikes. Sidewinder was curled up near Sandy, but the tiny SandWing was trembling, looking at Glacier’s frozen position. Diamond and Grove looked alarmed at the sight of Glacier, Anemone and Myeline had managed to stop their amazingly important animus talk to look at her and say that they couldn’t heal her, and Cherry, Shatter, and Macaw had ended their conversation about how Life or Death sucked to see poor Glacier.

"Seriously, if Life or Death caused this, I don’t know how to heal her," Cherry said earnestly. Diamond looked suspiciously at Shatter, but she just sighed. "Glacier could die like this," Myeline said, and Anemone looked at her paws. Storm looked sadly at Cherry, then steered her away. Chilly looked puzzled at Storm’s long blue tail, which swished slowly with its golden horn on it, curled around the other side of the stone wall the two SkyWings were talking behind.

Finally, Cherry came back into the room, and Storm slunk back into her sleeping cave. Cherry’s scales were covered in ash, and her eyes were red and puffy from crying.

"What happened, Cherry?" Chilly asked. "Storm told me..." Cherry sniffled. "Told you what?" Myeline asked gently. "She told me....that she was my mother."

Chapter 4: Hawk

Crystal cried all night as she scratched at the metal walls of her prison. She hadn’t even slept, so she was exhausted. Her claw marks were deep and icy, but they melted slowly, so a few drops of warm water dripped from the engraves. Crystal avoided the water, but she was crying and sitting in a small puddle of her own tears, which had grown warm.

Suddenly, a shadow moved near the small barred window of Crystal’s prison. She sat up, alert. A red tail flickered in Crystal’s view, but it could have been Cherry, or Diamond, or another SkyWing with Zephyr, since a pair of golden wings were visible. In an instant, in one swift motion, the bars of Crystal’s window were slashed away by a red paw, and the window let in more moonlight than ever. Crystal cried out.

"Shhh!" the dragon whispered in a voice much unlike Cherry or Diamond’s, but it somehow sounded familiar. "It’s Hawk!" Crystal perked up at the name and saw the red SkyWing peering in the window, her eyes rapidly shifting colors. Her strange antler-like horns were bent back to allow her to stick her head in the window, and her black underbelly was visible. Her yellow wings glinted golden in the moonlight.

"Come on," Hawk muttered, ripping the prison up with her razor-sharp claws. The SkyWing was more loyal and fierce than most dragons Crystal had met in a lifetime, and as a blacksmith in the old dragon city built over a scavenger castle, her claws were fiery, sharper, and more deadly than most claws, even Crystal’s hooked claws used to grip slippery ice. Hawk’s claws were still covered in ash and soot, but they were as sharp as always.

"I snuck in, heard that you were imprisoned," Hawk whispered, slinking toward a slightly smoking hole, but a voice cried, "Stop, please!"

Hawk and Crystal whirled around, and spotted a small blue SeaWing poking her head out of the bars. She looked desperate, seeing Hawk slice up Crystal’s prison, and her eyes were puffy and dripping with tears. Hawk and Crystal quickly raced over to her prison.

"What’s your name?" Hawk asked, concentrating hard as she summoned fire to her claws, and they glowed hot with flames. The SeaWing flinched away from the fire, and so did Crystal. Being an IceWing, she hated fire, but could see in the dim light that the SeaWing wasn’t alone.

A large IceWing was fast asleep on the ground, and he was snoring, and a NightWing was nearly invisible in the shadows, reading an old, yellowed scroll. He saw his visitors and crouched lower into the shadows, nearly hiding his scroll and head from view. His eyes glowed like a cat’s, and he looked afraid, maybe even a little panicked, with his rescuers.

"I’m Lazuline," the SeaWing said in a scared voice as Hawk sliced at the stone walls, resulting in a smoking gash in the side but no openings. "That’s Frost," Lazuline said, pointing at the IceWing. "And that’s Jet," she added, pointing at the NightWing, who looked alarmed at being addressed and merely curled up into the shadows and flurried his wings over his head, hiding him in a sheet of starry scales.

"I hate it when he does that," Lazuline snarled. "Have you cut open the walls yet?" Hawk, however, was having a fairly hard time sawing at the stone. "Reinforced animus stone," Hawk hissed, looking sadly at the stone, which was reforming itself in the gashes.

"Wait, I have an idea," Crystal volunteered. She focused, then brought her claws down on the stone, which only chipped a bit. "Oops, sorry, I’m not very good at this," Crystal admitted, blushing. She concentrated, thinking about her happiest thoughts, about when she met Storm, when she found her sister, where she joined Snowfall in the forest. Her claws began to glow silver and gave off a silvery light.

"Move over," she warned. No one objected. She slashed at the stone, hacking at it over and over again, and the walls broke away without any problem. Hawk gaped at her, but Crystal didn’t care. Finally, the hole was large enough for even obese Frost to fit through.

"Come on," Crystal whispered, and Lazuline and Jet scampered out, Jet holding his scroll in one paw and whipping Frost awake with the other. They got out as the animus stone started to close slightly, but it sounded an alarm.

Hundreds of dragons swarmed out of caves and large fissures in the walls and floor. They saw Hawk, Crystal, Lazuline, Jet, and Frost standing in front of Crystal’s ripped prison cell and the closing animus stone, and charged as one.

"RUN!!!!" Hawk screamed, and the five dragons leapt out of the hole in the wall and flew for their lives, the dragons of Life or Death swarming after them. Lazuline’s large body was awkward for her small wings and the dragonet began to fall, but Hawk easily caught her, holding her securely in her strong arms. Finally, they were all in Snowfall’s cave, breathing heavily. Storm and the other dragons had already surrounded them.

"Who are you?" Storm hissed. "Crystal!" Crystal gasped. "You’re just saying that because you know that’s what I want to hear," Storm growled. "’s my necklace," Crystal groaned, showing Storm her dolphin necklace. "You took it from Crystal," Storm snarled. "No.....I’m Crystal, co-president of Snowfall, member of the IceWing tribe, and sister of Frost," Crystal cried, and even Storm looked impressed. "All right, Crystal," she said, in a more friendly tone.

Then Storm turned to Crystal and saw Lazuline, Frost, and Jet, all sitting patiently, waiting for Storm to address them.

"L-Lazuline?" Storm stammered, looking at the SeaWing. "F-Frost? J-Jet?" "We’re here, now," Jet said softly. Chilly paced over to hug Frost, but pointed to Glacier, who was now dripping a silvery liquid from all over her body, so she was sitting in a pool of liquid silver.

"She’s thawing out," Chilly noticed. "Yes, and she should be back to normal in a few hour’s time," Myeline said as she dipped her claws into the silver. "This silver..... beautiful..... probably worth a thousand bronze slivers....." Myeline continued mumbling.

"Well, I’m gonna give Zephyr a piece of my mind," Storm growled, racing over to the cave entrance, and leapt out into the open sky.

Chapter 5: Storm's Revenge

She caught the wind surprisingly fast and scanned the island for the Life or Death cave. She knew that her blue underbelly wouldn’t allow Zephyr to see her as easily, so she was at ease. A large smoking hole was smashed into the top of the central mountain, and she soared into the hole. It was the hallway of prison cells, and two were totally smashed. She winced.

She slunk into the cave that had a golden sign on it: Zephyr’s Cave. Zephyr was curled up on a large bed made of feathers and hay, and crates and boxes of electricity balls, black fire, Pyrrhian explosives, and large sharp bones and enormous scavenger claws were piled up around his cave. A few slashes in the walls and a roughly cut square window let in some moonlight, but the corners of the room remained in darkness. Some black marks on the walls were smoking, and Storm had a feeling he had burned the walls when he had found out that Crystal, Lazuline, Frost, and Jet had escaped.

Hiding behind a large labeled crate of black fire, Storm focused and brought a million-watt bolt of electricity down on Zephyr’s head, but surprisingly he stayed alive. He flicked his eyes open and whipped his head around, looking for his attacker, but Storm crouched lower behind the crate.

"Who’s there?" he demanded. Storm flicked her tail, and an arch of electricity shot from it, stunning Zephyr again. "Ow!" he complained. He whirled his golden head around, but became too tired and fell asleep. Storm crept to a Pyrrhian explosive box and carefully placed a few nukes and missiles around Zephyr’s bed. Then Storm seized the rest of the explosives and hurried outside, purposely and carefully dropping a few on the way outside. Then she placed a nuke about fifty feet in front of her. She slowly exhaled. Then she shot a bolt of flame at the nuke.

The nuke let off a chain reaction and set the missile next to it off. Soon a trail of nuclear explosions led to the Life or Death cave, and judging from the fire leaking out of the windows, the cave was not a pretty sight. Storm threw the remaining explosives at the cave, and they exploded as well. Dragons screaming. The mountain on top of the cave collapsing. Storm winced as a dragon attempted to escape out of the window and get crushed by a few thousand falling rocks. The dragon cried out and fell back into the cave.

"I will kill you!" Storm heard Zephyr’s voice shouting outside, and she had a feeling that he had seen her on her way out or when she had blasted his cave to rubble. She resisted the urge to yell, "Die, Life or Death, die!" but simply flew away as terrified dragons, both member and prisoner struggling to escape from the burning cave.

"You blasted the Life or Death cave?" Sidewinder exclaimed. "Wicked!" Grove cried. "Diamond, Storm thinks like a man!" Storm smiled and patted Crystal on the back. "Revenge," Storm said. "Seemed like a good idea." Crystal gaped at her. "You shouldn’t have done that," she warned. "Zephyr will be after you." Storm snickered. "Well, Life or Death’s strongest warrior is Butterwing, who is like a scavenger compared to me," Storm noted. "No, Flame has enslaved Koi, who makes you seem like a scavenger to him," Crystal corrected Storm. "Koi?" Storm cried. "Koi, as in Sealight’s dad?" "Yep," Crystal said grimly. "Aiiii..." Storm moaned. "Koi, the legendary SeaWing who fights on two legs with a rib cage scavenger claw?" Sidewinder whimpered. "Yes, and he has been used by Flame to kill other dragons," Crystal said. "Flame - the SeaWing we fought in the Life or Death cave?" Chilly gasped. "Yes, Flame can mind-control dragons," Crystal confirmed. "A very rare gift." "I can beat Koi," Storm argued.

"Koi is too strong for you," Crystal objected. Storm glared at her. "He may be strong, but he is very slow," Storm hissed. "I can easily outrun him." "He has wings that can carry him very fast, and he can swim with great speed," Crystal corrected. "If you wanted to outrun him, your battle would need to be on the ground. And Koi can almost always get to water, or he will be able to fly into the air and pounce on you. He weighs about a million pounds." Storm pondered this for a few seconds, then a wicked grin spread across her face.

"And I know how to do it."

Chapter 6: The Portal

"Are you sure this will work?" Cherry whispered. "Positive," Storm confirmed, and the two SkyWings flew over the Diamond Spray Delta. Storm landed quickly and strutted over to the guards, who looked sleepy. Cherry scampered up to Storm.

"I would like to see Queen Ruby," Storm commanded, but the guards continued snoozing. One slightly opened his left eye. "No SeaWings allowed," he snorted. "I would recommend you open your eyes fully before I poke them out," Storm hissed, holding out a golden claw, which sparked. The orange SkyWing’s eyes shot open. "Storm!" he exclaimed. "You return!" He smiled widely and whipped the other two guards with his tail. "Peregrine! Eagle! Open the gates!" The other two guards snapped to attention and started pushing open the gates. Storm walked right through, but Peregrine stopped Cherry.

"You are a SkyWing betrayer," she hissed. "You will die." "NO!!" Storm shouted. "I will stand for her. Let her in." Peregrine growled deeply at Cherry before bowing at Storm and beckoning them in. "I knew they would try to kill me, so I tried to stay away," Cherry warned. "Don’t worry," Storm comforted. "I’ll protect you." "Oh, and just so you know," Peregrine warned. "Ruby is not queen yet, so don’t address her first." Storm and Cherry stared at each other. "So, you mean Scarlet is not....dead?" Cherry asked. "The RainWing of the dragonet prophecy’s venom didn’t kill her," Peregrine informed her. "She managed to regrow her scales before death."

Peregrine escorted them to the queen’s palace before leaving them in peace. Storm knocked politely, and a royal-looking dragon’s face appeared in the doorway. "Storm?" she whispered. Cherry gasped as she saw that face. She gasped, "S-Scarlet?"

"I trust you know me well," Queen Scarlet hissed, smoke curling from her nostrils. "Yes, your majesty," Storm said, bowing respectfully, and Cherry followed her lead. Queen Scarlet smiled. "Yes, and I assume that you need help...with something?" she continued. "We need help capturing a mind-controlled dragon," Cherry said firmly. "Mind-controlled?" Queen Scarlet asked, looking puzzled.

"His name is Koi, and he’s a SeaWing," Storm said. "Koi," Queen Scarlet repeated. She nodded, and her brown eagle-feather cloak fluttered. Her black vest with the diamonds studded on it was fitted on her, and her cloak was fastened with a huge bright green emerald. There were golden chains around her horns.

"Koi is allied with Life or Death," Cherry added. Queen Scarlet frowned. "He wasn’t when I saw him two months ago," she said. "Well, now he is, since he’s mind-controlled," Storm corrected, and Queen Scarlet smiled and nodded.

"Well, I can definitely capture him," Queen Scarlet confirmed. "But I would like something in return. Perhaps a jewel?" Storm and Cherry stared at each other. They didn’t have any valuables they were willing to give away, and if the prophecy was true, the Sliver of Jade wouldn’t be the best tribute. "Um, we don’t have any-" Storm began, but Cherry interrupted

"Wait," Cherry said suddenly. "When Myeline walks or summons, jewels pop up from the earth!" "A jewel-bringing dragon?" Queen Scarlet exclaimed with great interest. "Pure gems, I trust?" Storm and Cherry nodded encouragingly. "All right, one deed for one jewel, unlimited deeds for the dragon," Queen Scarlet offered. "One deed..." Storm murmured. "All right, my one deed for you is to capture him for us, no killing, no fighting. All chained up."

Queen Scarlet nodded. "I shall capture him for you," she said, and burst out of the door. "Eagle! Peregrine!" Go to the Life or Death cave and bring all of them back as prisoners!" Eagle and Peregrine soared into the air, but Storm cried, "Why? We don’t want the other members!" "Revenge, dear," Queen Scarlet said silkily. "A lot of Life or Death members from my tribe have betrayed me. I will see through their execution. Storm gulped.

"Is Zephyr a betrayer?" Cherry asked, but Queen Scarlet flapped her wings and roared at the sound of Zephyr’s name. "Oh, he’s the worst betrayer of them all, starting a club under my snout. I will kill him myself, with my own claws, slowly, painfully. Perhaps then he will know not to disobey me." Storm and Cherry nodded, satisfied.

But as they walked outside of the palace, Queen Scarlet smiling wickedly, they all saw a huge flash of purple light, and a blue figure hurled out of it, followed by a silvery one.

"Storm!" the silver dragon screamed, and Storm and the dragon collided. "Crystal?" Storm exclaimed. "I’m the Crystal from the future!" Crystal cried. "That blue guy over there - that’s you from the future!" And sure enough, Storm-from-the-future was dead.

"What happened?" Cherry asked. Crystal-from-the-future pointed at a few scars on Storm-from-the-future’s neck, limbs, and wings. "Zephyr killed her," Crystal whimpered. "He got mad when he saw you summon a lightning bolt." Storm gasped. "Then I shouldn’t have attacked Zephyr in the Life or Death cave! Now he’s looking for me in the present!" "And he finds you in the Snowfall cave, where you make your last stand," Crystal-from-the-future explained. "Then I’ll die, but who else dies?" Storm asked. "Glacier dies in her death pose," Crystal-from-the-future said. "Anemone, Sidewinder, and Cherry go down fighting. Queen Scarlet," Crystal-from-the-future looked sternly at Queen Scarlet from the present, who smirked. "Fails to capture Life or Death, and is overpowered by the many dragons, who fatally destroy the SkyWing palace and members. Nobody ever visits the remains of the SkyWing palace again, so going to the destroyed palace was the perfect place to warp here without being seen. Koi is killed, and he is never freed from Flame’s control. Shatter, Macaw, and Diamond escape, and so does Myeline, but Grove was still fighting when I left. I suppose he is still alive. Chilly also fought, but when she, who was the IceWing destined to release the Firestorm, tried to summon it like she did in the Life or Death cave, she only used an icy blast to take down Zephyr, Sandbolt, and Butterwing. She is now dead."

Storm gasped. "Then we need to move from our cave!" she cried. "No," Queen Scarlet hissed. She swiftly grabbed Crystal-from-the-future by the neck. "Are you saying that I fail my test?" she growled. "Yes, and you do," Crystal-from-the-future choked. "Then you shall die," Queen Scarlet snarled, and she snapped Crystal-from-the-future’s neck.

Chapter 7: Fading From Existence

"NO!!!" Storm screamed, but Queen Scarlet had already done it. She wiped blood off her talons with an expression of amusement, then smiled widely. "My apologies," she said sadly. "I just have to kill any dragon who questions my strength." "But now a dragon in this present will die, the present-time Crystal!" Storm cried.

Crystal-from-the-future’s neck was leaking blood. The Diamond Spray Delta would soon be filled with the thick red liquid.

"Why did you do that?" Cherry squeaked, but Queen Scarlet was starting to fly away. "I shall see you again, probably in the next week, so come to see your prisoner in a week!" she called, then was gone. "Crystal is dead..." Storm whispered. "Crystal is dead..."

"Queen Scarlet" Crystal’s face was filled with confusion as Storm tried to explain about the portal and how Crystal-from-the-future had said that most of the dragons of the prophecy would die fighting for their lives. "We have to get out of here!" Storm cried. "But look at Crystal!" Anemone suddenly pointed out. Even Crystal looked surprised, but everyone saw that the silver dragon was disappearing into the cave walls. Her paws and the tip of her tail were fading, but the disappearance didn’t seem to be making her fall. She floated in midair, and her wings supported her fine. Suddenly, Storm had an idea.

"Look at this painting of Crystal!" Storm instructed as she brought out a large piece of bark that she had used to ‘paint’ Crystal’s portrait with crushed berries, fruits, and minerals. Sure enough, Crystal’s painted paws were fading.

"Look at this painting I secretly drew of all of us!" Crystal suddenly cried. Storm helped her hold up a larger piece of bark with her, Storm, Chilly, Glacier, Cherry, Myeline, Sidewinder, Sandy, Diamond, Grove, Shatter, Macaw, and Anemone carefully painted on it. Crystal, Storm, Chilly, Glacier, Cherry, Sidewinder, and Anemone’s paws were fading.

"Oh my gosh!!" Anemone shrieked. "I’m fading!" Myeline patted her on the back comfortingly, but the painting’s live counterparts were disappearing as well. "When Crystal-from-the-future came to visit, she connected the present and the future by mistake, so all of us who die in the battle will fade," Storm explained. Chilly gulped. "But how can we reverse this?" she squeaked. "Wait, I have an idea," Myeline said, her eyes glinting. "Oh, yes, Myeline’s logic is the answer for everything," Chilly sighed, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "R-r-r-right..." Myeline purred. "Anyway, if the portal from the present opened near the SkyWing palace, then the portal from the future is also open in the SkyWing palace. Unless one of the portals close, the link between the present and the future will stay open, and the dead dragons from the future will fade from existence in the present." "What about a portal in the past?" Cherry asked. "Until a time-warping magical object is found and used to warp here, a portal to the past is not yet open," Myeline explained.

"If we write a message near the SkyWing palace, other SkyWings will know not to go here, or risk being killed in our present."

"But Crystal-from-the-future told us that the SkyWing palace is going to be fatally destroyed by Life or Death," Storm pointed out. "She told us that no one ever went there again, so using that place to warp was a great idea."

Myeline pondered this for a few seconds, then smiled. "Then we go to another place that was not destroyed and write a message. If it is discovered in the future, then the other dragons will try to close the portal." Grove cast her a confused look, but Sidewinder nodded encouragingly.

"You have thought about this a lot," Crystal noticed. "Yes, and all of the dragons killed in the battle Crystal-from-the-future talked about are fading right now....fading from existence.

"Eagle! Peregrine! Get in here right now!!" Queen Scarlet’s long tail was no longer topped with the iron spike she had attached. It had disappeared, along with the tip of her tail. "Are you disappearing, too?" she demanded as her guards stumbled into her throne room. "Yes," they chanted in unison. "Our toes and our tails." "So are mine!" Queen Scarlet cried, showing her fading talons. Eagle and Peregrine winced at the strange angle they were bent in.

"We need to figure out why were are fading," Eagle said. Queen Scarlet nodded. "We should ask Peril if she’s fading," Peregrine suggested. Queen Scarlet smiled, then frowned again. "But can we walk with our fading paws?" she asked. "We can," the guards said. Queen Scarlet carefully stood up. She floated in midair, her disappearing talons still keeping her upright. "Let’s go," she ordered, flying to the secret cave of the Diamond Spray Delta, where Peril hid from Life or Death.

"Peril?" Queen Scarlet asked. Peril’s face emerged from the darkness of the cave. "I brought you a ham," she offered, dipping Peril a large ham. "Thank you," she said quietly, munching on her ham.

Peril had been terrified of Life or Death when she had been captured by two fireproof MudWings and a SandWing, and almost died trying to fight her way out. Luckily, her young dragonet Storm had accidentally saved her with a lightning bolt that cracked the Life or Death cave in half from the top and scared away the fire-resistant dragons. She soon hid herself and her daughter in a cave Queen Scarlet arranged for her, and she was promised food everyday.

"What would you like?" Peril asked, lighting a torch and holding it up so the four dragons could see. "Eagle, Peregrine, just guard the entrance for me, and don’t join in on this conversation, please," Queen Scarlet asked, and the two guards walked to the cave entrance and stood guard, looking for any threats.

"Are your paws and tail fading?" Queen Scarlet asked. She displayed her disappearing tail and her vanished paws. Peril looked confused and disgusted. "No, and what happened?" Peril asked. Queen Scarlet opened her mouth to answer, but the portal above the SkyWing palace entrance, which had been clear, now glowed purple again. Queen Scarlet looked up in alarm, and then saw that thousands of black figures were flooding out of the portal, shouting.

"Are those NightWings?" Peril asked. "No, they’re too big and fast to be," Queen Scarlet objected. "They must be the new species from Jet’s Prophecy..."

And suddenly a dozen spotted Eagle and Peregrine guarding the cave entrance and dove at them.

Chapter 8: DeathWings?

"Are there any other ways out of here?" Queen Scarlet demanded. "Not that I know of!" Peril squeaked. "Quickly, attack them with your fire claws!" Queen Scarlet demanded, shoving Peril at the black dragons. Peril touched one of them, expecting him to scream and twitch, but he just cackled and blew blue fire at her, sending her toppling down into the Diamond Spray Delta.

"Peril!" Queen Scarlet shrieked, diving toward her falling shape. The blue fire had paralyzed her, hopefully temporarily, but she was falling to fast for her to regain height, even if she could fly. Queen Scarlet noticed Eagle and Peregrine soaring over her like vultures out of the corner of her eye, and shouted, "Save Peril!" They shot toward Peril like bullets, and Peril was caught in no time, but the black dragons had already formed a sphere around them, preventing them from flying away. They were trapped.

The dragons did not fit perfectly together, so small gaps in the sphere were visible, and the sun’s light flooded into the ball. All of the black dragons held steel scavenger claws, bigger than the real thing, but large and pointy. One of the dragons, larger than the rest, so he was obviously the leader of his small party, flew forward, and the other dragons shifted, so the huge hole he left was covered. They had obviously practiced a lot.

The dragon thrust his large steel scavenger claw under Queen Scarlet’s chin. He wouldn’t allow his blade to touch Peril, since her fiery claws would melt the steel, but she knew better than to try to attack the black dragon or any of his friends. They would fry her in seconds.

"H-hello?" Peril stammered. The leader smirked. "Hello," he hissed, amusement dripping from every word. Peril shivered. "What is your name?" she asked, pronouncing every word slowly and carefully. "I am Stretch," he snarled. "Who are you?" He spoke faster now, realizing that Peril couldn’t fight or risk being killed. "Peril," Peril whispered, and Queen Scarlet looked around carefully. While Peril was distracting the dragons, she could look for a way out, but she never got the chance.

Stretch grabbed her. His friends made a hold in the sphere, and he slammed her head-first into a rock. Two other dragons grabbed Peril’s forearms and held her down, chuckling with amusement. Peril struggled, but the dragons smiled. Her fire couldn’t hurt them, and that was her only weapon. She was powerless.

"STORM!!!!" she screamed, hoping her daughter would hear her, but the other dragons quickly stuffed a sticky material into her mouth. Peril licked it, and she shivered. It was delicious, but it reminded her of her scariest memories - when she had to face Clay to free her mother, Kestrel. When she was captured by Life or Death. When Blacklight, who she realized was one of these horrible dragons, had attempted to kill Storm with a curse on the night of her birth.

"Peril!" Queen Scarlet cried, but Stretch pinned her down. Queen Scarlet gasped for air. "Who are you?" Stretch demanded, his talons slowly sinking into Queen Scarlet’s chest. "Queen....Scarlet," Queen Scarlet gasped. "Scarlet?" Stretch smirked. "The queen? Well, I guess you are the owner of the palace we saw while we were flying at your guards." Queen Scarlet nodded, and Stretch lifted his paw a little. "Well, may I ally with your tribe in case a war begins?" Stretch asked. "Sure," Queen Scarlet choked, and suddenly her talons were back. Her iron tail spike along with the tip of her tail had reappeared, and Stretch noticed. Luckily, he didn’t question it.

"Release the others!" Stretch called, and the ball of black dragons broke apart to reveal Peril, Eagle, and Peregrine, perfectly unharmed. "What is your tribe called?" Queen Scarlet asked. "The DeathWings," he said. "And yours?" "The SkyWings," Queen Scarlet said. Stretch nodded. "Your tribe is quite fast, I have noticed," he pointed out. Queen Scarlet smiled. "Yes, our wings are the biggest and we are the lightest tribe of all," Queen Scarlet crowed. Stretch smiled.