Firespinner is a female SkyWing created by ZodiaDragon. She is a member of United for Tomorrow.


Firespinner got her name from when she was born. When she hatched, she blew a puff of smoke that went up in a spiral. Firespinner is a prime member of United for Tomorrow. As a scout, she constantly is heading out into Pyrrhia to receive information that may be valuable to them. She is also sent to protect Validus in Out of the Ordinary. She refers to those she must protect as her targets.


Firespinner has orange scales, with yellow underscales. Since she is constantly away from the camp, making her thin from constantly flying. Unlike Ridgecutter, Firespinner eats full meals and can fight. She has some battle scars, but she tends to avoid fighting because she feels it is wrong. 


Firespinner is loyal and kind, but also sarcastic at times. She is also reckless, which is shown in chapter 2 of Out of the Ordinary. She is mostly against fighting, but she will fight to protect her friends and family.



  • Wings of Fire: Out of the Ordinary (ZodiaDragon)



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