Fire Star is a character belonging to ZodiaDragon.

Fire Star (Fira for short) is an nine-year old female SkyWing.


Fira is standard size for a dragonet and has red scales with orange underscales. She doesn't have issues with food or size, and she has little battle scars (These conditions will be explained in the personality / history section of this page). She tends to carry around a bag which contains some supplies for adventuring. Despite the physical normalities that Fira has, Fira has one major flaw: she cannot breathe fire.


If Fira was compared to any of the dragonets of destiny, it would be Clay. Fira loves to have fun and spend time with her friends and family, but if she has to defend them, then she will. However, this has only happened one time. Fira is also adventurous, enjoying to see the wide world around her. Despite her overall happy personality, Fira can drop into sadness or anger with the loss of her friends or family. She doesn't like to discuss her family with other dragons.



  • Fira's Story (ZodiaDragon, not yet written)


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