Fer-De-Lance is a 7 year-old SandWing. He is odd but very timid and gullible. 


Fer-De-Lance's parents were poor, forcing them to place him in a foster home. He hated it a lot, the food too soggy and it tasted like rotten groundhog, the water too sour and odd tasting. The caretakers honestly didn't care about the orphans there. One day, a soldier of Blister's visted and picked Fer-De-Lance, absolutely loving him, because he was cute and friendly. The female soldier adopted him, and retired from being a soldier, wanting to focus on him. However, she was dragged back into war by rogue SandWings, leaving Fer-De-Lance with his caring father. News came soon she passed away from stress in the war. Fer-De-Lance refused to talk and put himself into a long depression.

His father begged for Blister to come, as he was too poor now to take care of him. Blister finally decided to adopt him, also giving his father treasure to work for her as a chef. Blister honestly didn't care about Fer-De-Lance until he got into her secret pile of scrolls. Blister finally started to give care to him after that. Fer-De-Lance acted happy again and read more scrolls, enjoying reading and learning about science and chemistry. Blister introduced Fer-De-Lance to Blaze and Burn at the age of three. Fer-De-Lance was extremely scared of Burn, and was just plain disappointed in Blaze. Blister taught him to dislike the sisters and vote for her, although he would have voted for her anyway.

Blister's chef, Fer-De-Lance's old father, was suspected to be kidnapped by Ruby because he may have revealed secrets about Burn to Blister after overhearing a SkyWing.


Fer-De-Lance is extremely friendly and smart, but he is somehow gullible in times of action, leading to most people thinking he's not the sharpest talon. Fer-De-Lance can become sad easier than most, although he rarely encounters depressing moments anymore. He would suprisingly rather be alone, walking in the desert, but he doesn't mind company.


Fer-De-Lance has scales like a Fer-De-Lance, reddish-orange with tints of yellow and black. His barb is long and narrow and injects more venom into prey or opponets.Fer-De-Lances talons are a pure black. His eyes are a very light lavender. He can be seen with a smile on his face.