Fear is a female DeathWing. She is one of lulerb03's OCs, SO PLEASE NO COPYRIGHT, please.


Fear is a light gray DeathWing with a black tail. She has black claws and red eyes.


Fear is brave and fears nothing. She is loyal to the DeathWings and nothing else, not even her kin. She was once playful and sensitive, and played with her older brother all day long. She then transformed into a killing machine, showing no mercy to anyone. But, after her brother ran away she turned back to her old self.


things to know extra
age 9 in human years 18 in dragon years
occupation guard for the queen's treasure
goal to find and kill her brother
resides in a small house in a deathwing village
relatives Slender         brother
allies deathwings       enemies Slender

the color black and rain dislikes

dragons who disobey and run away in a fight
weapons her sharp claws, a sliver handcrafted dagger,her quick thinking
quote " Thanks for the dagger I never believed I'd be able to have my own weapon!" Fear to Slender after he made her a dagger

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