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This is a short fanfiction story I made about FateSpeaker and Starflight. I am new to wikia and do not know much coding, so edit and add if you want to help. Thanks! -LeopardGecko02, author of Fatespeaker and Starflight.

I made this completely by myself, but the characters are Tui T. Sutherland's.

Prologue-The Eruption

It came from everywhere at once. The lava rushing in and the toxic smoke filling the air. "Starflight, we need to go NOW," she gasped. She did not want her name to disappear and be forgotten if it burned in the ashes of her body.

Her name was Fatespeaker.

She ran with Starflight out into the rainforest and ducked as heat burst through the tunnel, singing her wingtips.

Her name was saved.

For now.

Chapter 1-Blind


Why did he have to be blind?

Why did the volcano have to erupt?

When Starflight and Fatespeaker came out of the tunnel, she expected for Sunny to come and help Starflight.

Fatespeaker was wrong.

Sunny was nowhere to be seen. This was suspicious and surprising to Fatespeaker.

(Work in Progress)