An awesome idea came to me while me and a few wikians were role playing...This a story about a NightWing.  All NightWings' fans will now crowd to hear the story of a life time...or a story of a few minutes. (Continuing Project) by XUbiquitousx.

Chapter 1: Osmosis

Osmosis the SeaWing was his name.  And no, "the SeaWing was not part of his name.  He looked around the forest he was in while he saw dragons pass by through the air.  The war as over.  It has been for many years.  He didn't care much about it since he wasn't in the war because he was young during the time.  The tribes were united now, the SandWing queens were dead, and their entire Kingdom had fallen.  The SandWings were rebuilding their kingdom and their government.  Osmosis learned that now...other tribes began to help them do so, the world he knew was more unified than before.  Almost every tribe now had at least a score of another tribe in their own, exceptions like Ice Kingdom and perhaps the Kingdom of the Sea.  The NightWings lived mainly with the RainWings while also beginning to disperse into other kingdoms as well.  Osmosis was fine with everything now, this was the Reconstruction of all of Pyrrhia.

Osmosis was going to visit some family somewhere in the Mud Kingdom.  He also had also an adopted MudWing brother there too that he had never seen, that's why he was going there, because his parents gave him news about an adoption they made.  Osmosis had a job in Pyrrhia, he was an architect, not an expert, but more of a novice.  He had just finished making the Capitol for the SandWings.  He wasn't paid much, but he was paid enough, and he loved to work with the job he had.

He noticed a change in his surroundings as he moved forward...He believed that he was now in the MudWing Kingdom.since he was in a swampy area.  He was now nearing there as he grew in excitement to see them.  He almost didn't notice that a NightWing was walking next to him as he went.

Osmosis was surprised, but after calming himself, he said, "Hello."

The NightWing, female, looked back, smiled, and said.  "Hello!  What's your name."


"Hello Osmosis!"  He said, "Where are you going?"

Osmosis was kind of confused by this because the only direction that was where they were headed was towards the Mud Kingdom, the Rainforest Kingdom and the Kingdom of the Sea were slightly to the left and right of the MudWings.  Ignoring that he said, "To the Mud Kingdom."

"Hm...really?  Me too!"  After walking for a bit more she asked, "What for?"

Osmosis replied, "Visiting family."

"That's nice.  Do you know what?"


"No, I mean it's a yes or no question."

"Oh, um, no."

"Neither do I."

Talking to this NightWing was strange.  Osmosis kind of moved to away from her before she asked again.  "What do you do for a living?"

"I design."



"Guess what I do."  She said to him.

Osmosis realized that she was indirect, never straightforward.  "Talk?"

"Yep, also...I make things come true!"


"I can make things come true."

" a wish granter?"

"Kind of...more like I grant wishes for myself, instead, I don't consider them to be wishes."


"Like this."  She stopped and Osmosis stopped to facing her as she began thinking.  She began to think for quite a long time before he began to leave her thinking there.

"I got it!'  She said.

Osmosis turned around, "What?"

She then stood upright, raising her talons in the air like if she was a gypsy giving a dangerous warning, "You will fall into quicksand, um, quickmud!  Before you reach the kingdom."

"Wait, you predicted that I'm going to fall in quickmud?"

"Of course not, I'm making that your fate."

Osmosis face taloned, "I doubt anyone can do that, I doubt so much more that you yourself can do that."

"But I can!"

"Then your pretty dumb."

The next part surprised Osmosis as she responded with the most insane and inane word that could ever go with the question he just asked, and she said, "Thanks!"

Osmosis stood there looking at her like if she didn't hear his question right.  "Um...that was meant as an insult."

"How could that be an insult?"

"It just naturally is..."

"But I'm more than like sure that 'pretty' is a compliment."

"I'm using it as an adverb."

She looked at him with a face of confusion and as if she was trying to smile.  "I still don't get it."

Something came across his mind that could make sense according to her response, so he asked her, "What's your name."

"Didn't I tell you, don't you know."

"No, and no."

"Oh, it's Dom!"  She smiled.

That answered his questions about her too well, and he turned around and continued onward.  He didn't even look back as she began to tell him something that he ignored.  But as he was about to cover his ears, he fell into a mud pit and he slowly started to sink into it.

XUbiquitousx 12:50pm-2:10pm CST 1/25/14

Chapter 2: Dom

Osmosis could barely catch his breath when he was pulled out of the mud, he wasn't a strong dragon, he was weak.  Dom stood there looking into the mud pit he fell in, fascinated by it.

"What did I tell you Osmosis?"

"The quick mud, I got it."

"Good, because I forgot what it was."

Osmosis wanted to bang his head on the largest piece of material he could find unremmitingly until either him or the object broke.  He found her as annoying as a splinter in the eye or sand in his talons.  She was like a tick, never letting go, and a bloodsucker.

"That was just luck, nothing more."

"I doubt it."  Dom said.

"Are you following me?"

"Does it look like I have any place better to go?"

"The opposite direction?"  He suggested.

"But I've already been over there."

"There isn't much over here anyways."  Osmosis stated.

"Better than nothing."  And she and Osmosis walked towards the Mud Kingdom.

Osmosis tried his best not to make direct eye contact in fear of engaging into a conversation.  Luckily for him, he didn't have to.

"Where are we going?"

"The Mud Kingdom."


"I told you before, I'm visiting family."

"That's nice."

They weren't long conversations, just short intervals of time and even though they were short, they were still annoying.

"Are we there yet."

"I would know...if someone wouldn't have distracted me from my surroundings and lose the map!"

"Maybe I should have predicted for a monkey."

"For the last time...YOU CAN'T MAKE THE FUTURE!"

"Can too."


"Can too."


"You're so hurtful!  That's it!"  She closed her eyes and began rubbing her head.

"What are you doing?"  He asked.

She opened her eyes, "As punishment for your rudeness, you will hit a total of ten trees, with your face before we arrive where we're supposed to."

He face-taloned and turned around, hitting the first tree of the area.

XUbiquitousx 5:10pm-5:31pm CST 3/26/14