Falu is a SkyWing lower-ranking war general with a love of fighting.


She is dark red with lighter, paler scales on her underbelly and spikes. Her eyes are a deep yellow, with flickers of flame-like orange. Her spikes are unusually long and sharp, but she usually covers them up with armor to look more normal and presentable. She might have been considered pretty if it weren't for her injuries. She has quite a few scars for a dragon her age and generally looks beaten-up from so much fighting. She was hit many times when she was in training, her scales covered with dents and bruises.


Falu is impatient, short-tempered and brave. She will not back down from a challenge no matter how much danger she might be put into, hence her being put into multiple deadly fights. However, this can work against her, as she has put herself into places where she could have been killed before. She is very fond of fame and seeks to make herself renowned as a war hero among the SkyWings, one of the greatest honors. She is however, quite insecure about her personal life and always tries to keep herself in check and in line of duty.

She loves the warmness of fire on her scales and fighting other dragons. Like most other SkyWings, she loves to fly in and out of combat. However, Falu has never bothered to learn how swim and hates bodies of water out of fear of drowning. She also dislikes peace, and she loves the rush of adrenaline she gets when fighting, and has been known to try and start wars. She is generally known as one of the hot-heads of the Skywing military, her passion and youth put to work as general of the protection of the East Wing of the Skywing palace and (in war) co-leader of the East Wing Scouts.


As a young dragonet, she was trained by her parents, high-ranking general in the SkyWing military, the less fine art of war and began to volunteer as a nurse, but after a surprise attack from the SandWings, discovered a love of fighting and moved to become a war troop. From then on, she has displayed her power in the SandWing Wars and moved up to a low-ranking general.

More Facts and Stuff

Falu once ate some weird carrots growing in the lower mountain. Indigestion ahoy!

Her name is based on a Swedish deep red paint also called falu, used to paint barns and cottages.

She likes reading scrolls on occasion, when she does visit her cave.

One of her favorite pastimes when not fighting is watching the arena.

  • Falu on the right
  • Falu- No armor