• Atom's rifle.
  • Tundra's rifle.
  • subsonic's rifle.
  • Frost's shotgun.
  • shard's revolver 1
  • shard's revolver 2
This takes place in the not too far future of Pyrrhia, Science has made an out standing breakthrough and a few new types of electronics have come out including Guns, Electricity, Nukes, screens (Computers and things like that.), and vehicles. This golden age was short lived though a new war broke out which soon became a nuclear war, bathing the land in radiation. Most died but some colonies of survivors sprouted from the wasteland we called home. Now the world has changed and the only goal in life is to live. Survival is hard the radiation also created creatures that only live to kill not only that but bandits and slavers came as well. Movement is survival and you must scavenge, you never know what you may find out there. I'll be seeing you out there in the wild.


Frost walked down the path torwards the RainWing and NightWing base with Subsonic and Shard beside him. "Ok remember what we are here to do. We just have to try and keep a nuclear war from starting. Peice of cake... Right?" Subsonic looked at Frost "It will be ok we just need to meet up with Atomsplitter and then talk to Glory, Doomherald, and that SandWing."

They continued forward to the base and met up with Atomsplitter "Oh this is who they sent." Atom said nervously "Well I hope you know what you're doing." They continued upstairs to a room filled with monitors that displayed The status of missles, all ready to be launched. "are these the dragons sent to negotiate?" a voice asked. Frost turned around to see a Rainwing a Nightwing and a Sandwing. "Oh you must be Glory, Doomherald, And Quicksand." Frost said to the three. They were led into a room With a window overlooking the rainforest. "You see we are unwilling to make the first move on the other tribes but if they do attack we will fire as well." Said Doomherald. Frost looked at Glory, "I've been to all of the tribes exept the SeaWings and they have agre-" Sirens stareted blaring. Frost looked at a Atomsplitter. "The SeaWings launched at us and the other tribes, expected arrival in two minutes." Atom said.

They all ran down to the ground level then ran to the Nuclear bunker nearby. They filed into the bunker when they saw the flash of the nuke going off Shard ran torwards the bunker and barely made it in he screamed when he saw the radiation burns on his leg. Then the doors were closed securing them in.

Chapter 1

3 Months Later


Frost trudged through The Infimary in the bunker. He stopped at his brothers bed where he was practicing using his electronic back leg. Shard looked up at him, "What is wrong Frost?" he asked. Frost stared at him, "We are running out of food." He said. Shard stood up "Do you ever wonder what's out there." Shard asked. Imediately Frost had an idea "What if we go and find out." he said looking down the hallway that led to the shelter's door.

2 days later

Frost held his backpack in his talons, "You ready?" he asked Shard. Shard looked at his brother and nodded. "Oh you are not leaving without us." two voices  said from outside the door. A NightWing and SandWing peeked through the doorway. "We have things packed up two and we are ready to leave." The Nightwing said. "You are those two dragons Doomherald and Quicksand." Frost said. Subsonic poked his head in the room "I have two packs incase someone else wants to join us out there." Sub looked at the two dragons infront of him "Oh boy." he said.

The group stood at the door leading to the outside, Atomsplitter stood at the controls checking on it. "Open the door." Sub said Atomsplitter froze up "How did you know I was leaving? Did radiation leak in and turn you into telepathic zombies?!" Frost stared at him in awe "YOU WERE LEAVING THAT IS SO UNLIKE YOU!" Frost shouted. "Quiet quiet." Atom said "I just want to get some readings." Atom leaned back onto the controls and the metal arm came down and opened the door with a sound like the metal of the door was screaming.  Frost looked at everyones front feet and noticed they all had piptalons on "This might just work after all."

Chapter 2


Manderine watched in awe as the brave group left the vault if he wasn't so young he would have wrote a poem about it he stayed by the door for hours. Two to be exact he knew that because two hours later the sound came it first was a small tapping then became a knock he would have thought the group came back but then it became a loud banging Everyone in the vault wanted to know what was happening a few moments later the creatures broke in. They were horrifying and angry for some reason they came in with such ferocity, killing all in their way. Manderine ran in horror hiding in his room he opened his chest labled "Incase of emergency." and put on the hazard suit. He finally put the helmet on when the green gas seeped through the bottom of his door. He climbed up onto his bed and prayed for everyone who was out in the halls when the gas filled up his room that was when manderine noticed the crack traveling up his helmet until a shard of gas fell onto the ground. The gas seeped in and Manderine felt it change him all he felt now was fury and anger but unlike those creatures he had a purpose. He didn't know how it worked but having this purpose allowed him to control himself. All he wanted now was to fulfill that purpose "Kill that group of dragons that left us." he thought then ran out into the hall passing the monsters who knew he had not only joined them but planned to lead them.

Chapter 3

The next day:

The group sat at their campfire, thinking of the lessons they had learned like how not to eat anything you find. That lesson was learned from Atomsplitter eating an apple that aperantly was not very good for him. all was calm until Subsonic (Who had the best hearing.) picked up the sound of a motor he turned and saw a vehicle driving at them at full speed.

When the dragons got out of the vehicle they muzzled the group and held guns to their heads. The group who had zero weapons was easily overpowered. "Who are you?" Frost managed to ask "Yall neva heard of slavers." The leader said "We gonna sell you for a ton of bottle caps." Shard snickered at the idea of selling dragon's for bottle caps and this earned him a blow to the head "We takin you to a high payer who will use you all up espacially you pretty" He said to Quicksand.

On the hike to the Payer they stopped at a cross section where 2 dragons took Quicksand and doomherald in the truck and drove away. After the group split the lead dragon stopped to look around and immediately got a bullet to the head The two other slavers looked around and earned the same fate. Subsonic looked at a pond that was near and turned the water into ice shards to cut all of their bindings. They all picked up the guns from the slavers and made their way torwards a cabin. When they arrived and elderly dragon opened the door holding a shot gun at them "If yer one of them raiders or slavers yer gonna get it." Shard leapt in front of the dragon "No please we are just wanderers who need a home." The Dragon lowered his gun and welcomed them in. After a while the dragon came in with a plate of meat and the group ate. "This is the best thing i've eaten in a while." Atom said "Where did you get it.?" he asked. "I'll show ya." the dragon said and lead them to a door "This is where i get the meat. " he said and opened the door to reveal the corpses of 4 dragons and one was still alive "R-r-run. The dragon said.

Shard looked back at the dragon in horor "What is wrong with you!" He screamed trying his best to keep his lunch down The draon turned around and slammed his gun into him "I can do whiat I want the rules of the wasteland don't exist so l am obliged to kill and eat what I want." he said. Atom silently stared at the dragon thrn reached forward and snapped his kneck then ran off away from the house of the cannibal and stopped when he saw the others chasing him he looked back once then flew straight up and away from them.

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