This is a parody of a song called, "there were Roses".

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My song for you this evening,

It's not to make you sad.

But to tell you of my children,

And the troubles we have had.

I lost my wings off in the war,

So I no longer fight.

My husband died in battle, 

For what he thought was right.

My children they were drafted,

They've been off for 13 years.

I've heard no news in all that time,

But they bring to my eyes tears.

But I have faith, in them,

Fa-aith in them, 

I have fa-aith, in them...

My son was quite the artist,

Horizon was his name.

He'd draw such beauty, all for me,

It hasn't been the same.

Sandy was my daughter,

She was so very smart.

She found delight in animals,

And science filled her heart.

And I have faith, in them,

Fa-aith in them,

I have fa-aith, in them...

They were but 7 years of age,

When around the soldiers came.

My offspring were then sent away,

To fight in war they trained.

And I have faith in them,

Fa-aith in them,

I have fa-aith, in them...

Now I don't know where my children are,

Or when they will return.

What if they were captured,

By that devil they call Burn?

And those that give the orders,

They're not the ones to die.

It's Jackal, my dear husband,

And the likes of you and I.

But I have faith, in them,

Fa-aith, in them,

I have fa-aith, In theeem...

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