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Evertree is a young LeafWing who is happy-go-lucky for adventure. She loves nature, and would never hurt a fly (unless needed, of course).

Don't try and trick her, for that makes her very, very, very angry, and she becomes a demon-like dragon, built for killing. This is the bad side you never want to get on.


(Meh-heh-heh... STORYTIME!!!!!!!)

The nameless dragonet brushed a claw against her shell. I think . . . it's time, she thought, not necessarily knowing what she was telling herself. But she slapped her tail against the eggshell anyways.

"Look! She's coming out!" exclaimed a voice.

"How do you know it's a she? For all you know, it could be transgender," said another.

"Oh, shut up," the other snapped.

"Fine, fine . . ."

The dragonet broke open her shell. "See?! I told you it was a she!" the first voice said, and the dragonet looked up to see a leafy-green female and a dark-green male.

"Momma? Dadda?" she tried, but she didn't know that it simply was something like, "brawk? awr?" to her parents and every other dragon.

"Awwww, look, she's trying to say something!" said the female, who the dragonet now knew had to be her mother.

Then this dragon must be my father, she thought turning to the male. He smiled down at her warmly.

"I think . . ." said Mother, ". . . that her name should be Evertree."

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