Eventide belongs to Stoatbramble. She is animus-cursed by her older half-sister and based off of the end of the day/evening. She was developed for Willowlight7's Random Prompt contest.

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"I can see you!"

-Tides to those she can't hear.

Tides has a typical SeaWing build, with midnight-blue main scales, dark ultramarine underscales, and navy wing membranes. The only thing hinting at her one-quarter MudWing ancestry is the color of her bioluminescent scales (copper), her eyes, which are those of a MudWing's and amberish-gold, and MudWing scales on her legs.

As for jewlery, Eventide wears a limpet shell on a pleather cord, a necklace she's had since she was a small dragonet. A hoax animus "enchanted" the necklace to reverse her spell, but Eventide figured out quickly the enchanter was not a true animus and got a refund. (That's a story for another time.)


"Hi! You should probably go grab a slate and chalk."

-Tides introducing herself

Eventide tries to be kind and compassionate, but she gets crabby fast. She cannot stand dragons who treat her like a weak dragonet due to her curse, which has happened one too many times. If she has a negative impression about a dragon, she will walk away and avoid them at all costs.

More notes

  • cursed to never be able to hear seawings by her older half-sister
  • pan