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Eveningstar is a SwiftWing. Her telekinesis color is violet and her eyes glow red when she uses it. When she was just a young 4 years old her mom died of sickness, and her dad died when a SandWing stabbed him in the heart. So when she was 7, she found this out, and she ran away from the SwiftWings to find some other family (even though sh didn't have any living relatives she might find someone who might accept her). When she found herself in the Ice Kingdom, she met an 8-year-old dragonet named Windspire, and an 7-year-old dragonet named Shyne. They found out that they where half-brother and sister, and went on many adventures. In the Sand Kingdom they met a ThornWing named Wildfire. In a cave somewhat on the edge of the Sky Kingdom they met a GeodeWing named Diamond. Hanging out by a river they met a dragonet name Leaget. In a forest they met a SnakeWing named Venem, and somewhere in a lightning storm they met a Lightning ElementWing named Bolt. And ALL in a group they found an IceWing that had silvery, pale blue scales named Blizzard, a NightWing that had navy blue stripes, named Comat, a half plant\half RainWing, named Ivè, and a SandWing, with a ridged back, named Sandra. And also, on a trip to the Sea Kingdom, they met a SeaWing named Dive. At the end of all of this, Eveningstar was 9-years-old. In one of her adventures an an animus gave her powers so she may be like her brother and sister; She can withstand cold and can do freezing death breath, but not as powerful as normal IceWings and, when it happened, it turned her mane blue as well as her eyes and eye stripe. She visits the SwiftWing kingdom every few months, but, other than that, she's too busy with her friends!















Mother (Deceased)

Father (Deceased)

Windspire(Half-brother) Shyne(Half-sister)


  • Eveningstar's mane color was going to be green,blue,and yellow.
  • She has the same past as Eclipse; His mom and dad were killed by a SkyWing, named Hecro.
  • Eveningstar has an icy blue string with an Amethyst on the end that Diamond made for her.
  • Her name was going to be Lightshot

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