Quick picture of Eutychia and her prosthetic wings

Eutychia belongs to MythDragon , please no stealing. Also, she is my contest entry for the Wiki Fanmade Tribe OC Contest.


Eutychia was born with a rather disproportionate body, having a wide chest and a tiny waist. She has a strong built but is actually very short, and is often mistaken for being younger than she is. Her mane is very messy and never cooperates. The color of her poofy and curly mane is bright lemon-yellow and seafoam green. Her scales are white while her underbelly is gray. The scale pattern on her face is gray too, as well as the scales on her arms/legs. She has yellow claws and bright green eyes, the same color that she has in her mane. The line running from her eyes to tip of tail is orange, and so are her inner-ears and tongue. Instead of wings, she has little stumps that look like shoulders. She almost never wears her prosthetic wings because they cause discomfort. Eutychia's default expression is usually content, or smiling. It's rare for her to be seen with a frown.


Eutychia is very optimistic and happy, despite permanently being in her condition. She loves laughing and has a great sense of humor. She is a hyper and energetic dragonet, often causing trouble. She hates school and learning and really, anything that's boring. Boredom is her worst enemy. However, she always finds a way to entertain herself. Also, she loves playing with baby dragonets and is always volunteering to babysit. Eutychia is rather immature though, and isn't very smart either. She's too busy playing around instead of listening to her elders or doing any schoolwork. She has a secret talent of singing too. But she is very humble about it, she doesn't really like being praised for her talents. She's used to being teased by dragonets that make fun of her being useless and weird-looking without wings. Also, even though she usually doesn't get upset or depressed, she still has a bad temper. Instead of getting sad, she gets frustrated and angry. She has anxiety disorder too. The experience of her getting her wings cut off by some sort of infection scarred her for life. Eutychia fears many things that threat her of dying of getting hurt. Also, even though she dislikes her prosthetic wings, her one and only goal is to fly. She wants to get used to them, even though it's hard, and fly like a normal dragon. She is an organized dragon too, despite being very reckless most of the time. After she makes a mess, she enjoys cleaning it all up with her Terrakinesis.


When Eutychia was very young, about 6 months old, she got infected by a strange disease. In order for her to survive, her wings had to be cut off to prevent it from spreading to her body. Her father, Finn, was unable to survive. And her mother, Carman, was safe. She lived the rest of her days wingless, and was bulled for having little stumps instead of wings. However, special prosthetic wings were being created for her. Although she always wanted to be a hyrokinetic, she studied terrakinesis instead. She was forced to be a terrakinetic because that was the only way she could control her fake wings to make her fly. When she finally got her wings, she had special private lessons with a very strong terrakinetic so they would teach her how to make her wings move and lift her up. Since she couldn't do much in the air, she was stuck doing housework or babysitting for dragons to earn money. She enjoyed this job, since playing around with little dragonets and organizing were two of her favorite things. She always dreamed of having her own dragonets but didn't have much hope since there was no one she took an interest to, or anyone who took and interest to her. She lived with her mother, who married another dragon. However, her mother was very destructive and powerful, she barely cared for her daughter. Especially one with no wings. Her step-father, Apollo, felt neutral towards his daughter. He was nice to her, but was still strict. Eutychia missed her old father very much, he was the only one who cared for her the most. So instead of spending time with family, she spends time with dragonets younger than her, who cheer her up and make her forget her problems. Even though she lives in a rather harsh life, she keeps her head high and brushes it all off with her optimism.


Like I mentioned before, Eutychia usually gets along with little dragonets the most. They find her funny and entertaining. But other dragons don't really see her that way. In her school, they think she's annoying and useless. They call her names and give her dirty looks. She only has two friends there: Waterbender and Rainstorm. They all met when they were about 2 years old and didn't care that Eutychia didn't have wings. They liked how optimistic and humorous she was and they instantly became friends. They usually defend her from bullies, but sometimes they get teased for being with Eutychia. Her relationship with her family isn't all that well. When her birthfather was alive, Finn, that first 6 months after Eutychia hatched was amazing. He was always by her side. Her mother, however, was a bit distant from the family. She was too busy being one of the most powerfulest pyrokinetics to focus on her husband and daughter. Of course, she did love Finn but her daughter.. not so much. After he passed away, Carman married Apollo. A much stronger and powerful Swiftwing than Finn. Apollo was kind to Eutychia, but he was still strict and demanding. He wasn't as destructive as Carman. He'd have small chats with Eutychia, asking how her day went and all. But he wasn't like Finn. She tried avoiding home as much as possible. Instead, she tried spending time with Waterbender and Rainstorm. Her teachers also act the same way Apollo does. They don't hate or like her. They feel neutral towards her. Although, they do get pretty angry whenever Eutychia interrupts the class.