Incinorator's OC… do not use without permission. She is in the upcoming fanfiction, Extinguished.
Eskimo the IceWing

Eskimo, looking good

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 7.30.11 PM

Compliments of Kityluvver


Eskimo is a very talented young IceWing. She is full of courage, a daredevil of the Dragon world. She is afraid of fire. VERY afraid of fire, and anything that has to do with fire.


Eskimo is a very light blue color, and for some reason, her icicles are teal instead of white. She has a whip-thin tail, sharp claws, and regular sized wings. Her under scales are sky blue, also the color of her wing flaps.


Eskimo has the powers of a normal IceWing, and one weakness… she can be melted with fire!

Relationships and Quotes

Eskimo's mate is Current.


"Hmm… I will now attempt to save you."

"NO! I REFUSE to walk over a pit of fire."

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