Eris was created by Rime and adopted by Whitey. Please don't use her without permission~


Lightly built but just slender enough to be stealthy, Eris is slightly on the small side, due to just entering dragonhood. Her build, while light and strong, is well toned and powerful due to her constant working out, which is required when in her line of work.

Her mane is magenta, with lighter pink streaks, and the mane itself is long and flows down her back. Her tail tuft is the same: magenta with lighter streaks. Her stripe is an orange-yellow, and begins behind her eyes, tracing over her shoulder and ending at her tail tuft. Her eyes are a light shade of amber, and her wing membranes are the same magenta coloring of her mane.

She could be considered pretty, with her flowing mane and slender build, but a scar from a target that fought back disfigures the right side of her face. Shaped like a check mark, she carries the scar proudly, showing that she had been in quite a fight- and had won.

Her teeth are sharp and white, and her wing claws and talons are black. Her horns are a lighter shade than her primary scales, which are dark gray, and her underscales are a lighter (but different) shade of gray as well.

She wears a band of dark brown cloth around her front left forepaw, with her throwing knife tucked into a special pocket on the back. Eris is never seen without this on, and only takes it off when sleeping- and even then, she puts it only two feet away from her.


Eris is calculating, always estimating where her victim will go, and when a good time to strike is. A killer for hire, she has to keep her wits sharp, and as a result she is very accurate in guesses- she is rarely wrong. She can be colder than an IceWing's scales, and keeps her thoughts and emotions to herself- the only way she expresses her emotions if she's in a bad mood: which is when she kills her victims very violently.

An assassin-for-hire, Eris is stationed in large cities, and sells her skills to the highest bidder. Selfish and quite greedy, she will demand every coin, but she rarely asks for more, despite often bargaining. Eris will only ask for more when she has killed a victim especially well.

Very vengeful and short-tempered, this SwiftWing will plot for revenge if ticked off. And being an assassin, quite a few dragons know it would be lethal to get on her bad side. Most of the time, she won't take sarcasm as a joke, instead as mockery, and the same for teasing.

She will only accept mockery or teasing from the small band of friends she has, of which she will stay loyal to the end. If any of them are targeted, she will refuse any offers to kill them, and will in fact protect them from any assassins that happen to take up the offer instead. Lighthearted and jokey around these few, only those dragons see Eris as what she really is- a professional in her work, and a normal dragon around her friends. However, she is antisocial outside of that group, and is reluctant to let in any new dragons.
Chibi Eris

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During team jobs, in which she is forced to pair up with other dragons, she is a mix of her working self and her regular self. Still cunning and accurately calculating, she can slide in little quips when she can find an opportunity to. Trusting in the other assassins she is working with, she follows the rule to leave no dragon behind.


She is extraordinarily skilled with a large manner of weapons, poisons included, but she favors knives, throwing or ordinary, over any non-natural weapon. She is excellent at aim but has at best a 50-50 chance at hitting a moving target.

When it comes to claws and teeth, she has invented and perfected a few moves of her own, instead of simply wildly clawing and biting. Like her tribe, she has retractable claws, and keeps them nice and sharp, preventing unneeded wear on them by only extending them when nessicary.

Her wings are average-sized for her tribe, granting her average SwiftWing speed. She prefers walking over flying, as it is easier to eliminate targets on ground rather than in the air. Quite stealthy, her mainly dark coloring helps, but her main and wings stick out like a drop of blood on snow. As such, she occasionally dyes her mane darker, and keeps her wings tucked close in or covered in cloth.

Her Pyroknesis is strong and she has quite a bit of control over it, due to training often with it. However, she only uses it in close range, as fire's unpredictable nature could make it harmful to herself too in large bursts. Despite this, it has helped taken down a considerable amount of targets, and she has no intention of stopping its use anytime soon.


  • She is pansexual
  • Her preferred targets are SeaWings or NightWings
  • She has a special throwing knife she calls Bullseye. She keeps it close on hand wherever she goes.