Equilibrium is my (RulerofAwesumness') Fallout: Pyrrhia OC. No stealy. Equilibrium is mine and mine alone.


Equilibrium is a male RainWing/SeaWing hybrid with cybernetic augmentations. He can change color, but stays cyan when not camouflaged. His frills are normal size. He has permanently white underbelly scales.


Equilibrium is a caring dragon, but is very quiet. He practically whispers most of what he says. He is very shy, but when he makes a friend, he is open in social situations with them.


Equilibrium is blind, so he has a visor connected to his brain that emits a signal that works as a form of echolocation. This allows him to 'see' around corners and such. He can change color, but only to camouflage. His hearing is also enhanced. Equilibrium carries a specially modified long-range assault rifle that can fire bolts of electrically charged plasma, but only when it is charged up. Otherwise, it fires normal bullets. He also carries a small dart tazer that carries enough power to tranquilize a mutant for up to 30 seconds. The gun emits a controlled sound that travels in a straight line, allowing Equilibrium to aim.