NOTE: Anyone is free to make a character or organization in the city of Entos, as long as Entos remains as it is. Make sure to put your name next to your property!

notes for this wip:

  • Most dragons work within the urban part, while most live in the suburban part. The urban part mostly contains old buildings with beautiful stone architecture. The suburbans are mostly a couple of neighborhoods hidden behind trees. It's sad, because the countryside of Entos is barely recognized.
  • Their economics are mainly trade and manufacturing, but also include the raising of various livestock. 
  • It's a charming, unique little city with friendly dragons. They know just what to do if you rub them the wrong way, though. Most of the residents have pets and therefore all share a deep passion for animals. 
  • The suburban residents commonly are found to have bird feeders, lawn ornaments, and wind chimes all over their yards. Their houses are pretty . . . normal. They don't live in trees, nor skyscrapers, just ordinary houses.
  • The nearby water source and abundant vegetation attracts geese, ducks, songbirds, possums, squirrels, turtles, lizards, garden snakes, and even deer. All are abundant and easily spotted. 
  • Within the urban area, you'll usually only spot crows and pigeons.
  • Note for the weatherdragons: no. Give up. You can't predict the weather here. 





The Center


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