Note: Ennui, despite having no specified gender, refers to themself as a she.


Ennui. A real enigma to most. It's very hard to tell she's part NightWing until she steps out of the shadows and you see her scales ARE naturally the color of a pine at midnight.

However, her glowing stripes are about as light a green as you could possibly get. They glow brightly, a great contrast to her main scale hue.

Her eyes are silver and all-around venomous, like the metal mercury. If you were to ask her a question, she'd likely respond sharply, with a snappish edge to it.

Being part NightWing, she does have NightWing traits. Her horns are like that of a NightWing, plus she has some black stripes on her neck as well as under her eyes.

Ennui has inky black tattoos swirling up her left arm, from the elbow up, all the way to under her chin.

As non-binary, having no defined gender yet labeling herself as female, she does have male traits. Her voice is relatively deep, and she's pretty aggressive and not afraid to fight. (Note: fighting is not killing. Killing is unacceptable while fighting may have explanations.)

Ennui doesn't think of herself as traditionally pretty. She thinks she looks terrible, and treats herself as such.

If you were to glance at her from afar, you'd see a warrior donning the colors of the forest and the skill with weapons as that of a master.

Ennui hates her name with all of her heart. She feels it truly doesn't symbolize who she is as a dragon, as ennui is a word meaning "weariness". She's never weary, and can never sit still, even when the clock strikes midnight. She keeps it for the sake of memories, though.

Ennui is bouncy, but not necessarily in the fun way. She can literally never sit still; she always needs to make some sort of nervous movement to occupy herself.

She's also extremely snappish, sharp, and sarcastic with anybody she doesn't know too well. If you want to get out of that zone, try to impress her or at least try to stay out of her way.

Ennui's not afraid to cry. If someone makes fun of her for it, she'll answer, "It's called tears, honey. It's not acid. At least we know I have a heart."

That's her "fatal flaw" as some would put it. She'll bluff, but it's rare she'll actually hurt a conscious thing of some kind. She can't kill monsters knowing they were once . . . normal. She can't kill dragons without thinking she's just like the monsters. She can't hurt animals without thinking of herself as a predator of all things good.