A cold, stormy night was brewing... "Go!!!", shouted Storm the Nightwing. "Swiftstorm, go now!". Swiftstorm had to think fast. The cave was collapsing. Storm was half buried in boulders. Flame was waiting anxiously outside. Ever since they fufilled The Fire and Ice Prophecy, strange things had been happening with Swiftstorm. "Storm!" yelled Swiftstorm. "NO!!!!" Storm was buried in rocks. Swiftstorm felt rage emerge inside him. His eyes glowed a deep green. He was making the boulders levitate! " What the-", Flame mumbled," H-how...". Swiftstorm passed a glare to Flame as Storm emerged from the rocks. Rain smacked the cave opening as Swiftstorm, Flame, and Storm scuttled out of the cave. Whoa, I've never seen Swiftstorm do that... Flame thought. Swiftstorm and the world were in danger, they had to stop it.
       Summary: Swiftstorm and the others have finally healed the NightWing Queen, but strange things are happening with Swiftstorm. When he gets even the slightest bit angry, his evil side emerges. The two dragonets are acomppanied with Storm the Nightwing as they try to stop the dark side from destroying the world.