A SkyWing.

She was originally named Ember, this dragon is a close friend with Flamik, Metamorph, and Spara. She is eight years old, and has pink primary scales instead of red.


  • Often flirts with males for fun just to make them uncomfortable, but never actually means any of it.
  • Loves to make others crawl in awkwardness. Spara often helps just to have a good laugh.
  • She helps with Flamik to take care of the group.
  • Often alot smarter than what she seems.
  • Has more bravery than what she is given credit for.


  • When the group first met Aiden, she had a fun time making the timid dragon feel awkard around her, nearly to the extent that she almost scared him off until Flamik warned her to slow down. Her goal was to warn Aiden of Oblivon's motives.
  • After Aiden was warned and attempted to fight off Oblivon, Flamik joined in to help. He was injured, and Embra fought the massive veteran, saving Flamik's life. This gave enough time for Aiden to retaliate and kill the spy.
  • Now trying to help Aiden, ShadowEye, and Fury find Fury's home.


  • FlamikBoth of the SkyWing view their responsibilities to take care of the others, and over the course of years, the two have grown very close. Both dragons have a crush on the other (and they know it), but neither one acts on it for fear of breaking their friendship. But the two are willing to fight and die for each other, as was proven when both were nearly killed protecting the others from Oblivon.
  • Metamorph- Loves the little guy's outgoingness despite hardships.
  • Spara- Her "side-kick," Spara often helps Embra make others feel awkwards just for a good laugh. Embra loves how Spara can always be so happy and cheeryful at anytime. The tiny SkyWing is very close to bigger one.
  • Aiden- Though she purposfully appeared to try to grow close to him so that Oblivon would not suspect anything, she felt that she needed to tell Aiden of Oblivon's motives despite what Flamik said. She feels that Aiden had become a Champion because he was protecting others around him, just like Flamik was willing to do anything to protect his gang. Embra feels that Aiden probably has others that he fights for, and means to help them in return for him helping out her friends.