Elanus the Skywing belongs to Klej the Seawing. Do not use him or his backstory without asking me on my message wall. This page is a WIP


Elanus is a orange colored Skywing,with a light red underbelly, grayish talons, darkish white horns, blue eyes, orange wings,and light red on the inside of his wings.


Childhood: Message Carrier/Military trainee

In Pyrrhia, The best way to contact someone far away is to have a dragon, give them the message,send them of, and hope they survived the journey. Elanus was that dragon. In the day, he usually was occupied buy his task, and in the afternoon was in the Sky Kingdom, either flying to relax, chatting with friends, or with his parents. When he was reaching teenage age for a dragon, He decided to go to a very secret military academy only Skywings know about. He lived there for the rest of his childhood, visiting his parents regularly.

Adulthood(close to):Multi-role soldier

When Elanus got close to the age he needed to get a military-like job, he couldn't decide exactly what to do .He first decided to be a prison guard, but thought it was uneventful.He then decided to be a border guard, but he thought the job wasn't for him. He then he became a soldier in the Skywing army. And there he stayed. He was a good soldier, helping out comrades, defending outposts, attacking other outposts, and so on. He got to the US army rank of Major.He then left the army for a while and became a law enforcer. He switches between these roles.

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