A beautiful dragon of twisting green scales, pure and unearthly. Her beauty is unmatched, and could win countless modeling competitions with it. Her slender limbs go perfectly with her snakeskin-like scales and elegantly curved neck.

Eden lacks wings, but is fine with that. She prefers to keep to the shadows, keep herself hidden and let her identity be known.

Flashing green eyes glare out from the shadows, glowing as they focus on a certain thing. They have flecks of gold in the iris, along with gold rings around the pupil and iris.

Her color scheme is usually green, and she patterns it after a certain bird she saw in the zoo as a dragonet. The green becomes a dark color, nearly black on the back half of her body, and her eyes have little white markings around them usually.

For body mods, Eden has a snakebite piercing on her left eye ridge, earrings of various styles in her ears, most notably the industrial piercings shaped like arrows and the small to medium sides gauges she wears. She also has a curling tattoo in a tribal style of vines running up her left arm. It tapers off at her shoulder, where it would join with her wing muscles if she had them.

Eden dresses quite blandly, with plain t-shirts and jean shorts when it's warm, and wears hoodies and jeans in the winter. It keeps her under the radar, though she does own a pretty nice apartment on the edge of downtown Nightcry.

She wears little makeup, usually just a bit of black eyeliner to accent her eyes. After all, it's not like she needs much help with her appearance.

  • based off of a green touraco

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