Echoline of the Batwings (Fanmade) has swooped in silently on us to be apart of the Wiki! Welcome Echoline to the fanon wiki!

A batwing. Art by Lightningstrike of RapidClan.



Was once a Guard for the BatWing queen, Marcaline, at the age of 7, but had sustained an injury to her left ear and was relived of duty due to her now bad hearing. (She can hear as good as any BatWing now that her ear healed) She is now 13 years old and very powerful with a curious personality. She helped the dragonets of destiny (WOF:The Third Prophecy) and stayed until her appearance in More Than Likely to her recapture in In The Desert and was made a soldier in battle which is unknown by the dragonets (Wind Rider, Loki, Pheaseant) and her best friend Deadheart if she was alive or dead up to the point where she makes her triumphant return at the end of In The Desert.


Has all the abilities of a normal BatWing and is an excellent fighter.


  • "I shall guard my queen and kingdom with my life, you do understand that Deadheart?"
  • "I see what happened. BatWings can see, by the way."
  • "Oh Deadheart, don't make me lecture you again."
  • "Dragonets of destiny? What are those? Are they a type of bat?"