Echo song is a small male BatWing with large wings and a piercing dark red eye. His left eye is gone due to an unknown reason. The tuft of fur on his tail is blood red.


While some might say he is "evil" in some sorts, he is really actually just secretive and protective of things important to him. He can sometimes be rude but most of the time he won't speak at all, just speaking with hand signals and other means.


He can speak with bats very easily and sometimes uses them to deliver letters or to fight. He can scream extremely loud to deafen enemies.When he breathes smoke he can control it with his wings and he can spray the smoke in short or long streams etc. He can easily fight using any means and he is very good at analyzing things.


He is named after Skyclan's Medicine cat, Echosong.

In exchange for the bats helping him, he lets the bats drink his blood.

His favorite bat is one he named Screech.

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