Echo is a nine year old SeaWing. He is Kitty's OC, don't steal him!


Echo is a small SeaWing with pale green scales from living underground. His white stripes glow slightly brighter than normal and his eyes are a dark purple. He carries a pair of drumsticks with him at all times.


Echo is a very solitary dragon, living underground in his cave. He thinks in a very strange abstract way, he tends to stop in the middle of sentences, not make eye contact, or walk away while speaking. He is obsessed with his job and has grown very fond of music and sound. He converted his cave to contain drums, buckets, pianos, and many other instruments, though he has a particular fixation for percussion. He can be very friendly despite this, though his strange habits of listening to non-existent noises tend to put others off.


Echo can light up his SeaWing stripes, though he tends to flash them to the rhythms in his cave, he doesn't speak aquatic. He is also loosing his eyesight from living so deep in the earth. His hearing is heightened to the max, allowing him to hear lowed frequency noises. He is not a good fighter at all.


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