"I miss my mother, I could save her when she needs help with my evil father,"

When Echo was born, her mother said "What a sweet little dragonet." Echo squeaked out a noise that sounded exactly like her mother. Then, her voice went to a normal dragonet voice. At that moment, they figured out that she could mimic other dragons heard. Her father was mad and tried to kill Echo. Her mother stopped him and he ran away. Her father still goes over to see her mother and try to kill her.

When Echo was 2, a dragonet grabbed her by her tail and shook her until she cried. But for some reason, she cried like the dragonet. He was so frightened that he dropped her and flew away as fast as his wings would carry him.

She had to go to Jade Mountain because her mother couldn't afford to keep at home that year. She was also worried that she couldn't keep Echo's father away from them for much longer.

One day at Jade Mountain, their class was watching a video about Darkstalker. She remembered his voice, and at that moment, a bunch of Icewings attacked Jade Mountain. Echo knew how to help, she used the voice of Darkstalker to scare off the Icewings.

Echo has gone to Jade Mountain every year.


"I look like a normal Skywing. It's not like when I mimic the noise, I become that dragon,"

Echo is a small, skinny Skywing with Orange scales and red underscales. Her membranes are red with small dots of gold.

She wears a necklace made out of string, and at the end of the necklace is a small, enchanted emerald. She also wears a ruby gauntlet on each leg. She also wears ruby earrings.

Each of her claws were dipped with diamond dust.


"I always wish I didn't have this power, it's quite random when it comes up. Sometimes, it does it when I don't command it to,"

Echo is very determined and brave. She will always try to help.

She loved her mother, but knows that she has become poor and cannot afford to keep both of them.

She met a lot of friends at Jade Mountain and met more every day.


"The nicer you are, the more friends you'll have, that's what mother says,"


Echo loved her mother and tries to help with the lack of money she has. When school is out, Echo is working for money.


"I wish I could tell you everything about me. But we have class in a few minutes,"

  • Echo's part time job is a waiter.
  • She loves the mountains, especially when they echo loudly.