Dusty is the daughter of Queen Oasis. After Oasis died, Blister forced her out of the kingdom. She met a NightWing called Silverwind who said she was needed to save the SkyWing dragonet of the prophecy.She went and lived on Rainforest island. She then met a SkyWing named Falcon, they soon became mates.  They returned to the Sand kingdom and had 4 eggs due on the brightest night. Burn found them a day before the Brightest Night and killed one egg. Scorpion fled and dropped one egg in the sand, which survived and grew up as a dragonet of the prophecy. (Sunny), another slipped and fell in the ocean. The last was born and raised on rainforest island. Her last egg was a female named Sahara.

Dusty is kind and caring, also very protective of the dragonets on the island, since she lost most of her own. Gishail is her best friend. Dusty is commonly teased by Hurricane, but Hurricane often teases everyone. Dusty was described by many of her friends as a natural leader, and will make a great queen. Dusty is the only heir not involved in the war, though if she chose to join the war, she had both the StarWings and Rainy-NightWings (don't you love my wordoligy? Rainy-NightWings are RainWings and NightWings after the tribe merge (To Kat from Hrr KAAAAATTT!)) on her side. She also had too much fire, but can control it to an extent (she gets too mad her temperature automatically spikes). She is immune to poison. Any taunting and teasing is easily brushed off, as she was picked on most of her life.


Scorpion was re-named Dusty on the wiki since the name was taken. Kat will fix any other places where she is called Scorpion. (Hopefully)

Art by Joy Ang

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