"It is the unwary souls of those you wander alone in the dusk you hunt, but you care about them. You value life. That is why you will never make a good assassin."

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Duskstalker is a typical NightWing. He is mainly black, but his scales make a sort of wave of purple when light is shown on them correctly, which earned him his name. Despite his pretty scales, he has scars everywhere from an abusive father, and especially a very prominent one over his eye. He also has a broken left horn from his friend, Dayeater.


Dusk has the sort of innocent personality. He pities those who are hunted, but he does hate the ones hunted for bad reasons. He quit being an assassin and went to live in the rain forest because he didn't have the guts to kill. He is very outgoing and charming, so he enlisted under queen Glory as a spy.


Dusk is thoughtful and knows how to quickly get himself out of a sticky situation. He is very pretty because of his scales and can't stand bloodletting. Quit the assassin job to be a spy for queen Glory and collects data from the NightWings to keep her informed of any mutiny.