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Dusk by FourFlames


Dusk rarely comes out of his den, but when he does, WATCH OUT!!! Dusk is allways bragging about his fierce combat skills. Dusk isn't very smart. He is a rather secretive NightWing.


Dusk is a purplish-black color with bright white star-shaped dots all over the bottom of his wings. He has a scar over one eye and is missing one foot. In all, he is very fierce and scary looking.


Dusk has the powers of a normal NightWing, but he has an extra power. It does not seem deadly, but he has defeated many a foe with it. He can talk to owls, and other birds of the night.

Dusk the NightWing

Dusk, ready for battle

Relationships and Quotes

Dusk has no relationships; he trusts no one.

"I bet I could beat you easy."

"… (he is talking to a bat)"

"I would rather that be a secret. Or do you want to die?"

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