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DriftWing Sigil

Description: warm pastel or gray/brown scales; colorful sails and tail "teardrops"; can breathe fire if warm enough; royalty has black markings; colorful markings

Abilities: can breathe fire; heightened sense of hearing; tucking (roll into a ball with sail stiff to ward off enemies); wings act as a shield in tucking

Location: east of the rainforest; below the Mud Kingdom; near start of the Bay of a Thousand Scales

Queen (Canon Timeline): Queen Graceweaver

Governor (Canon Timeline): Governor Rainspinner

Alliances: SwiftWings, RainWings, MudWings, TempestWings

DriftWing Sigil

by Platypus


DriftWings belong to Kitagon and Wings-of-Bloodfire. Please read the following rules:

Anyone can make any number of DriftWings as long as they follow the rules below. There is no limit to how many tribe members you can have.

1) You ONLY have to ask permission for high class, healers, and hybrids.

2) Royalty is closed.

3) DriftWing patterns are only on their webbing (wings, tail, fin), as well as their face. It is not on their main body scales.

4) Only DriftWings from the original royal bloodline have black markings. Nobles married in do NOT.

5) All markings are painted on, usually in a grand ceremony after completing training, being rewarded for a task, or in a promotion (ex: soldier to commander). The black markings of royalty are genetic, not painted.

(Note: Some changes were made to the Markings and Colors. Please go over them.)



DriftWings are an average to large breed of dragon currently inhabiting a large area of forested canyons and small mountains. They are often flexible and broad-shouldered, and are known for their ability to withstand large dust storms.

Although they often stand several feet above the average SkyWing, most DriftWings are not very strong, giving them a slender and more or less majestic look. Their paws occasionally feature a feather material. They have a rather short, thick snout, with long, straight horns. Compared to a SkyWing, the DriftWings have smaller wings, but have a similar body shape, with deep chests and a long tail. The DriftWings have long, narrow ears with pointed tips. Spikes around the jawline are very common, but some DriftWings lack this trait, which is a result of their genetics.

DriftWings have spikes running down the back of their head and stopping near the midsection of their neck. They have a scale pattern similar to a NightWing's. Horns and spikes are generally in grayscale. Eye colors are genetic, and warmer colors are most common for their irises.


DriftWings usually come in earthy or warm pastel colors, although grays and washed out blues are also common.

Sails/Tail Fin

Their backs are equipped with a large 'sail', starting from the bottom of the neck and ending near the midsection of the tail, with the middle part of the spine featuring the tallest part. The tips of DriftWings' tails also have a teardrop shaped webbing. DriftWings tend to use their sails to flirt with or impress others, and prefer to choose mates with less common sail and tail markings.



The most notable feature of the DriftWing tribe is their unique markings, displayed on their faces, wing membranes, tail fin, and sail.

The markings often look like makeshift animal patterns, such as spots, stripes, and blotches, and are genetic.

These can come in many colors, but are usually close together on the spectrum (such as blue and green), although black has only appeared on the markings of royalty- believed to be a sacred birthmark.

Markings (except royal black) are painted on using dyes. There are ceremonies for this, especially before a battle to get the tribe pumped up. In Graceweaver's reign, the DriftWings are peaceful, and therefore do not have battle ceremonies as often.

There are also painting ceremonies for when a dragonet has completed training and is ready to be a full member of the tribe, whether that be a healer, soldier, or any other occupation. Promotion ceremonies are commonly used for the army.

Note that the variety of marking colors cannot be higher than two. For example, gold and red, but no more.


Notable Abilities

Extremely resistant to the harshest of sand and dust storms, this tribe is well-fit for their windy canyon habitat. Since many dragons rely on their sight to move around, DriftWings rely on their acute hearing to navigate during heavy storms. Like the MudWings, DriftWings can breathe fire, but only in warmer temperatures.


When DriftWings feel threatened, they will sometimes roll into a ball (similar to an armadillo or hedgehog). This is a natural defense maneuver, and it protects their sensitive underbellies and vital organs while their outer wing membranes act as a shield.

The Kingdom

Kingdom Location

The tribe currently resides in a series of canyons Southeast of the MudWing Kingdom. It rests on the meeting spot of two tectonic plates, and is heavily prone to having earthquakes, so many DriftWings live in caves or dips located along the canyons and forests. The Kingdom is also known for having intense droughts deep within its borders despite it usually being considerably humid, and many choose to reside by the ocean, although if an earthquake hit the DriftWings would be in danger of tsunamis.

It is a small Kingdom, being only around 30,000 mi2, and some residents have started their own DriftWing-city near the town of Possibility for mining and trading purposes. The Kingdom population is not large either, but that is mainly due to many of the DriftWings having settled in other areas. Besides all of this, almost every DriftWing is entirely loyal to their tribe and its wellbeing.

The Skytouched Forest

The Skytouched Forest is located on the Eastern DriftWing Kingdom border.

Dragons from all over Pyrrhia flock here to vacation and camp: the huge redwood and pine trees amaze the eyes, while beautiful waterfalls line the canyons, creating dazzling rainbows that never seem to fade away. Many activities such as summer camps and bird watching sessions are held in the hottest parts of the year, while hunters and aspiring artists arrive during the winter in the hopes to catch a glimpse of the forest's mystic wildlife.

Near the more steep canyons, where the trees are thinner and the wind is heavier, resides a small village of about a hundred or so DriftWings, the residents prefering a more free, wild lifestyle. Guests and travelers must beware, however, for the little town loves competitive sports... and it's almost impossible to avoid being thrown into a game of Fruitball or, for the risk-takers, a good old fashioned session of The Fire Games.

The Blazing Crevice

Originally called "The Hundred Crevices", this well-known DriftWing landmark is located in a large canyon covered with wide and often deep canyons. Plant life and rushing streams once flourished within these cracks, but when the rivers ran dry due to overuse, a forest fire devastated the lands.

Generations of plant life had originally sprouted here, but was swept away by a raging forest fire that occurred years before. Once a place of worship and great beauty, the crevice is nothing more than scarred rock and dead bushes.

Although desolate, many come to view the geysers that outline the huge canyon, although tourists are still wary of potential fires. The original one was caused by drought, and such an event could definitely occur again in a place like the dry DriftWing Kingdom.

It is located near the RainWing Kingdom, and almost looks like a border between lush forests and deep canyons.

The Goldtouched City

The Capitol of the DriftWing Kingdom, most of the tribe's population resides here.

Named for the gold and iron discovered below the city, many consider Goldtouched as a place of great fortune and a chance to have a new start. Broken up into different areas, it consists of many unique and interesting dragons, with the more wealthy residents living at the top along with the shops and businesses.

It is located near the center of the Kingdom, and is considered less vulnerable to any possible earthquakes.

The Creek City

Although not located in the DriftWing Kingdom itself, Creek City is considered an important center of DriftWing trade and mining. Located near Possibility, it was built beside a river and currently has a population of about six-hundred DriftWings, although other tribes have settled there as well.

It was founded by a DriftWing noble and has been active for nearly fifty years, it being deemed a mining town owned by the DriftWing Queen and Governor.


From the beginning, DriftWings have always been adventurers. Instead of settling in a single location, the first members of the tribe were always traveling, exploring new lands, hungry for exploration and discovery. They were fascinated by the world around them, and wanted to learn about and study almost everything that ever existed- through the eyes of a DriftWing, something as simple as a pebble was something that had to be observed.

Most of the tribe members lived near the SandWing-RainWing Kingdom borders, although seeing a couple in the Mud Kingdom wasn't uncommon.

Although their true origins remains a mystery, the most popular theory is that they evolved from the early SandWings, breaking off into their own tribe.

The Scorching/Post-Scorching

Not wanting to lose any of their members, the DriftWings stayed out of the events of The Scorching for the first couple of months. Hiding in caves and crevices in the MudWing Kingdom, the tribe survived on small rodents and groundwater.

It wasn't until a nearby MudWing village was bombed that the DriftWings emerged from their hiding places, proving themselves as a powerful ally as they helped push back a large army of scavengers.

They remained active for the rest of the war, and soon returned to the large canyons of the MudWing Kingdom, building up their own odd culture.

Now a united tribe, the DriftWings began to form a government. Following the customs of other tribes, they selected a queen, known as Drifting Winds, to lead them. Strong and honorable, the tribe flourished under her rule, so much that they forgot one important detail- that the lineage had to live on.

After many years of leadership, Queen Drifting remained alone in her castle, and age attacked her rapidly. Ill and dying, the now elderly dragoness made a single wish, that her tribe may live on as their ancestors watch them from the clouds above. In her honor, the canyon-dwelling dragons officially named themselves the DriftWings, and began practicing a new religion.

As said, Drifting had no known kin, with her only living relative being her cousin, Dali. Not wanting to break the royal culture that seemed so sacred at the time, she was quickly named queen, and began her rule alongside her husband and only child. However, Dali immediately showed signs of ferocity and ambition, desperately wanting to expand her tribe's territory. Instead of hunting and gathering resources, she made her troops attack small outposts and villages, resulting in quite a few deaths and injuries among the tribe.

Now suffering and weak, Queen Dali's son, Oreh, devised a plan to overthrow his mother. Although he begged for her several times to give up her position, Oreh was forced to kill her.

No longer agreeing with the way the tribe was run, Oreh created a council, known as the Devine Court, to help rule over the Kingdom. He elected the DriftWing's first governor, known as Clover, who would help him make decisions over the years to come.

This form of government still exists today, although the governor has gained more power over the years, with royalty being more of a celebrity figure.

The Great War

At first, the DriftWings refused to take part in the Great War, but eventually gave in when the MudWings, now a close ally, requested them to side with Burn. Although not very fond of her violent nature, they contributed greatly in her rise to power, attacking the smaller army camps of other tribes.

However, the tribe still had faith in the Dragonets of Destiny (specifically the deceased Queen Stormcaller), and would often give parties meant to hunt them down false information. Eventually noticing this, Burn broke the alliance with the DriftWings, and they resentfully returned to their canyon home.

Due to these events, most DriftWings tend to avoid the SandWing Kingdom.



Competitive and confident, many DriftWings grow up to work in the political and scientific fields. They believe very strongly in a solid education before adulthood, so all dragonets are given free schooling until the age of eight.

The DriftWings also love a good, friendly competition, and have races or art shows to display the talents of their tribe. They have a very strong tribal pride, and tend to show off quite a bit.

Most DriftWing families have a strong and stable bond for the most part, although one can be easily disowned if they fail to achieve something, or commit serious crimes.

Most DriftWings don't start getting serious about finding a mate and settling down until around ten-eleven years of age. This is to get them used to a new job for a couple years. DriftWings can have as many offspring as they want, but most don't go over three clutches, and clutch sizes usually range from one to five eggs.

DriftWings have a fondness for the world around them, and prey is only to be killed in order to satisfy basic needs. Many DriftWings also own pets. Unlike traditional methods, they will not force ownership upon the animal, but instead attempt a bond between dragon and beast. It is entirely up to the animal itself, and most pets consist of animals such as rabbits, cats, and wild dogs or wolves. Foxes and birds of prey are also common.


The DriftWing government is extremely organized and serious, with a strict set of laws and requirements for the members of their Kingdom.

One of the most interesting parts of the DriftWing government is that royalty doesn't have full authority. Although they get a say in laws and other activities, many of the queenly jobs is overseen by a "President". The "President" (or Governor) is in charge of things such as the army, treasury, and city, while the Queen herself takes care of matters involving other tribes and being your average celebrity.

Many of the other tribes find this act of authority confusing and humiliating, although few have actually brought it up with the DriftWings.

Other positions include Treasurer, Head of Activities, Head Officer, and many, many other jobs, each focusing on a certain aspect of DriftWing society. (If you can think of it, it's probably there.)

Now, as said, the laws can be... strict, to say the least. Stealing something as simple as a guava sitting in a ditch can result in a week of jail time, and it's become a well-known fact that this is probably what makes the majority of the tribe so well-mannered.

However, if one is to be arrested for whatever reason, they will be given a fair trial led by a judicial. Even if the dragon on trial is found guilty by the citizens, the head government has the final say.

And the prison is not pretty.

The Governor

The governor has the final say in what laws can be passed, among other things. They are the primary dragon in power along with the bloodline Queen or King, and handle the kingdom's bills and some of the political matters.

The governor, sometime in their life, will have to choose an apprentice. They will train this chosen apprentice, and, when the current governor dies or steps down from office for another reason, the apprentice will take over.

In the case that the governor dies without an apprentice, an election will be held among government officials and DriftWing citizens, although this event is rare.

Royal Lineage

DriftWing royal lineage is extremely unique when compared to other tribes. In order for the throne to be passed down, both the King and the Queen have to agree to step down, usually when they are too old to rule or severely injured. After the decision has been made, both royal members will have a meeting with the governor, discussing every prince and princess in line for the throne.

They will look at their grades, their attitude, and compare and contrast nearly everything about them. The decision-making can last for days, but once the three decide on a single royal member, that chosen candidate will become Queen or King.

Once doing so, they are pressured to wed and continue the royal lineage.


The DriftWings practice a very unique and specific religion, known as Polvo. This religion focuses on the belief that a dragon's ancestors watch over them, giving them food and shelter and, in return, the DriftWings will remain faithful and strong.

Polvo also states that DriftWings are not allowed to eat citrus fruit, as they are the fruits of their ancestors, and must never lie.

Dance of the Wind

Spanning from May to August, Dance of the Wind is a time of celebration among the DriftWings. The tribe will hold many festivities, such as races and food-eating competitions, although the parades are probably the most notable events- from hot dog floats to giant turtles, many dragons flock here to see the incredible floats.

However, the true meaning of this event is to remember your loved ones, and give thanks to those who have benefited your life.

Trial of Faith

Once a dragonet turns seven, they will begin The Trial of Faith. This is a somewhat complex series of tests, which evaluates the skills that a dragonet gained over the years. The purpose of this exam is to give possible employers an idea of what the DriftWing can do, but more importantly, is a mark of acceptance into the tribe.

Each DriftWing will take part in each test until it becomes too difficult and they can no longer continue. They will then be given their score for the select task, which can range from 1-100.

The tests include Agility, Perseverance/Survival, Mathematics, Biology, Astronomy, English, and everything that you hate.


DriftWings are omnivorous, and their diet mostly consists of smaller mammals and shrubbery, although they take great care in cooking their food to make it look and taste more appealing. They do not eat citrus fruit, as their religion forbids it, and doing so is considered to be an act against their deceased ancestors.

Popular Stuff

A rather popular saying used among the DriftWings, especially when sporting or doing an an activity with another tribe, is "Come to the Drift Side".


DriftWings have all sorts of activities, including art contests, markets, and a variety of sports. Their most popular sport is called Bungle Ball. Bungle Ball is a game in which the dragons have to keep the ball in the air and hit it through a vertical hoop on the opposite side of the "court". It is very common for teenage Drifties to be seen playing the game.

The tribe has a very successful celebrity by the alias of Taylor Drift. You might have heard of her...she makes pretty good music and dated Harry Skyles for a while.

The Dust Runners are an extremely popular concept among the DriftWings, as racing has come to be a very well-known sport among the tribe. DriftWing dragonets especially are pressured by their parents to consider joining when they're older, and almost every school in the Kingdom has racing as a year-round sport, even if the conditions are harsh. The organization being founded in DriftWing territory has gathered a large bulk of visitors who desire to see the races, primarily SkyWings and MudWings.

Relationships With Other Tribes

NightWings- DriftWings are rather wary of the secretive tribe, believing that some may still carry the ability to read minds and foresee the future. Although they rarely come into contact, DriftWings still respect the tribe for their perseverance and craft.

SkyWings- The DriftWings tend to avoid SkyWing territory, worried that they might be captured or killed. However, SkyWings coming into DriftWing territory isn't uncommon, and the two are known to compete constantly in races.

IceWings- The DriftWings know little about the IceWings, and them actually seeing one is rare.

RainWings- Most DriftWings are fascinated by the bright color-changing scales of the RainWings, and the two are well-known trading partners.

MudWings- The two tribes have a strong alliance, and it is very common to see one another in each other's territories. Although trading is not very common between the DriftWings and MudWings, the two enjoy playing activities with each other, and MudWings have been known to adopt DriftWings into their sibling groups.

SandWings- The two tribes hold quite the grudge against each other. The true reason is unknown, but some believe it is due to the DriftWings dropping out of the war. Recent disputes over trade has also fueled mistrust.

SeaWings- The two tribes strongly dislike each other, with the SeaWings believing that the DriftWings have invaded their land, and the DriftWings believing that the SeaWing government is too violent and untrustworthy.

AviWings- DriftWings find the AviWings to be odd, mainly because of their bird-like appearances. They often avoid the feathered dragon's Kingdom due to their large size and spiny appendages, but will often try to start a conversation with one if given the chance.

FlameWings- The two tribes rarely come into contact, and are neutral towards them.

TrickWings- Although no known DriftWing has ever met an actual TrickWing, many members of the tribe enjoy studying them, having interest in the tribe's culture.

DeathWings- The DriftWings do not interact with the DeathWings often, and their knowledge of the tribe is usually received from travelers or merchants.

SwiftWings- DriftWings visiting SwiftWing territory isn't uncommon, as the two tribes have similar interests.

LeafWings- DriftWings are neutral towards the LeafWings.

TempestWings- DriftWings and TempestWings are on good terms, and often participate in friendly competitions. Trading and interactions between the two tribes are very common due to their similar interests.


Most DriftWings are named with a two-part naming system. The first part, or prefix, is usually a noun dealing with nature, although this isn't always the case. The second part, or the suffix, is usually a verb that ends in -er, although not always.

DriftWings have also been known to have single names (such as Ursa, or anything native to their environment).

Sample prefixes

autumn, bird, cloud, dawn, day, dark, dream, down, dust, fierce, fire, flame, fox, leaf, leopard, light, lion, mist, misty, moon, morning, moss, night, pebble, rain, snake, sky, spark, squirrel, star, sun, tiger, up, wish, wisdom, wolf

Sample suffixes

attacker, bouncer, caller, crusher, dancer, dawn, dusk, fang, fighter, flier, follower, fulfiller, gleam, glider, leaper, lover, maker, runner, sayer, seeker, skidder, singer, slayer, song, step, storm, swimmer, taker, tooth, twirler, visitor, wisher

Significant Members








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