DREAMSEEKER is my original dragon. i dont mind you using him but dont claim him as yours and dont forget to say hes mine.

I apoligize for any spelling-errors.

Dreamseeker is a young NightWing dragonet who lives on a small, rich island somewhat near the NightWings volcano.


Tribe: NightWings

Age: 5

Powers: Fire, visions (only in his dreams), quiet stealth.

Theme song: Fireflies by Owl city


Dreamseeker is a gray-purple NightWing who is always looking tired and thin.


I've lived on this tropical island for as long as i can remember... but i have a vague memory of being on the NightWings volcanic island.... or maybe it was a vision...

My name Dreamseeker comes from a vision that my mother had of me in the future saying something like, "then i must seek the answer is my dreams."

Im always tierd because im awake half the night afraid of more nightmares, im also very thin because of a reoccuring dream of being poisoned by queen Scarlet of the SkyWings.

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